Letter to the editor: Addison-2 constituents well-served by Conlon

A native Vermonter and lifelong public servant, Peter knows and cares deeply about the lives and concerns of his constituents.

Challengers unseat ACSD incumbents

An Addison Central School District board election firmly rooted in the debate over the future of small rural schools culminated in wins on Tuesday for two outspoken advocates for keeping all of the ACSD’s elementary schools open.

Letter to the editor: State senator supports McGlashan

Given the turbulence of the pandemic and array of contentious issues facing local schools, it is a critical time to ensure our school boards are led by dedicated public servants committed to meeting the needs of students in all schools and communities. Am … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Cullinane and McGlashan will further ACSD’s mission

I am a member of the board for the Addison Central School District, and am writing to express my support for re-election of current ACSD Board members Amy McGlashan of Ripton and Mary Cullinane of Weybridge.

Letter to the editor: Incumbent ACSD leaders are unbiased, informed

If you are reading this week’s OpEds seeking advice regarding who deserves your vote in the upcoming local election Tuesday, March 1, I am happy to share my thoughts with you.

Letter to the editor: Re-elect McGlashan and Cullinane to ACSD board

In an ever more complex and challenging education landscape in Vermont and Addison County, I strongly endorse Amy McGlashan of Ripton and Mary Cullinane of Weybridge for re-election to their seats on the Addison Central School District board.

Letter to the editor: ACSD incumbents deserve nod

I am writing today in support of the reelection of Mary Cullinane and Amy McGlashan to the ACSD School Board.

Letter to the editor: McGlashan offers credentials in her re-election bid

I feel called to serve on behalf of all students in ACSD, driven by my commitment to address inequities across our district regarding who has access to educational opportunities and whose educational needs are being met.

From the candidates: Weybridge and Ripton ACSD seats contested

In Ripton, incumbent Amy McGlashan faces challenger Joanna Doria. In Weybridge, it is incumbent Mary Cullinane vs. challenger Jamie McCallum.

Letter to the editor: Ripton’s McGlashan deserves to be re-elected

Amy brings experience, commitment and leadership to her work on the ACSD Board.

Letter to the editor: Amy McGlashan is a great asset to the ACSD board

I have worked alongside Amy McGlashan for over 20 years and write to encourage her re-election to the ACSD School Board.

Letter to the editor: Cullinane, McGlashan best choices in tough times

In the two contested races for the Addison Central School District board, there are two candidates with a demonstrated commitment to this unified school district as a place where all students receive a quality, equitable education.

Letter to the editor: Cullinane, Malcolm, McGlashan best ACSD choices

I currently serve on the Addison Central School Board and want to encourage everyone to become familiar with the work of the ACSD board.