Halloween Coloring Contest


We received over 50 boo-tiful works of art in this year’s Halloween Coloring Contest. There was even a record number of glittery submissions! It was a tough decision (every submission was spooktacular!) but the twelve artists below have been chosen as this year’s winners:

Nora Zeno

Koa Becher

Braydon Langaway

Isaac Poppe

Hazel Lawrence

Dorothy & Hazel

Autumn Spritzer


Holden McDowell

Sarah Tolgyesi

Edie Sears

Jebadiah Plouffe

All participants are encouraged to visit our office at 58 Maple Street, Middlebury, to pick up their artwork and/or prizes, along with a tasty treat, before 4pm on November 23rd.

Garden Game

Congratulations to the 2022 Garden Game winners!

It was another inspiring year as Addison County’s talented green thumbs showed off their garden’s best. We received dozens of entries and the gardeners below each took the top spot. Thank you to all who participated!

Asparagus (length x circumference) – Laura Asermily, 17” x 2.25”
Beet (circumference) – Steve Reigle, 22.5”
Broccoli (diameter) – Ed Blechner, 12”
Cabbage (circumference) – Phyllis Bowdish, 32.75”
Cantaloupe (circumference) – Ted Foster, 24.25”
Carrot (length x circumference) – Gary Miller, 15” x 8.25”
Cauliflower (diameter) – Ted Foster, 13.5”
Corn (length x circumference) – Peter Demong, 11” x 7.5”
Cucumber (length x circumference) – Julie Longergan, 25” x 9”
Edible Leafy Greens (length x width – leaf only) – Gary Miller, 19.75” x 9”
Eggplant (circumference x circumference) – Sue Galipo, 22” x 18”
Green Bean (length) – Kanyarat Menard, 40”
Leek (length x circumference) – Ed Blechner, 43” x 5.5”
Melon (circumference) – Barrie Bailey, 32”
Onion (circumference) – Gary Miller & Pam Thomas, 14.25” (tie)
Parsnip (circumference) – Ed Blechner, 9.25”
Potato (length x circumference) – Edward Layfayette, 13” x 10”
Pepper (circumference x circumference) – Irene Pierce, 15.25” x 15.25”
Pumpkin (circumference x circumference) – Edward Lafayette, 72” x 62.5”
Radish (circumference) – George & Patrick Martin, 12.25”
Rhubarb (length) – Jill Rainville, 28”
Rutabaga (circumference) – Michael Pallozzi, 32”
Summer Squash (length x circumference) – Ted Foster, 13” x 16”
Sunflower (diameter) – Eric Foster, 19”
Tomato (circumference) – Lisa Maloney, 20”
Winter Squash (length x circumference) – Brud Leedom, 26” x 40”
Zucchini (length x circumference) – Jim Payne, 24” x 13.25”

All prizes will be mailed. One prize per person.