Wow! This contest’s contestants really outdid themselves. We received 74 spectacular entries, many adorned with loads of color, sequins, glitter, rhinestones… the works. It was incredibly difficult to choose just 12 top entries, but we have selected the masterpieces below as our winners:

Avery Thacker, Age 4

Woody Ostrow-Lynn, Age 4

Evie Wilson, Age 6

Owen Cash, Age 6

Elka Pryzperhart, Age 8

Tino Porteous, Age 7


Georgia Gong, Age 11

Autumn Spritzer, Age 11

George Cammack, Age 15

Lily Swinton, Age 13

TJ Ottas, Adult

Pierce Murray, Adult

All participants are encouraged to visit our office at 58 Maple Street, Middlebury, to pick up their artwork and/or prizes, along with a tasty treat, before 4pm on March 30th.

Thank you to our prize sponsors: