Letter to the editor: Nuovos deserve lasting tribute

As I was reading the tributes to Victor Nuovo in this newspaper following his death a few weeks ago, it occurred to me that a fitting memorial would be to name the Cross Street bridge in his honor.

Letter to the editor: Criticism was unwarranted

I was surprised to read the letter to the editor in last week’s Addy Indy from Marianne Lust of Lincoln who was critical of the efforts of Tim Parsons at Middlebury College.

Letter to the editor: Howl conjures tender reminder

Our neighbor, Doug Butler, had many sled dogs, and when they howled at night, it made our corner of Middlebury seem wild, like the Arctic, or the Russian steppes from Willa Cather’s novels.

Letter to the editor: A tribute to Simon Barenbaum

Simon Barenbaum, who died on November 18, had a remarkably generous spirit and an unfailing commitment to community. He was a great gift in my life. This is my tribute to him.

Letter to the editor: Hounders and control of hounds — here we go again

There has been a moratorium on coyote hounding via Act 165. The Fish and Wildlife Board and Department were to address control of hunting hounds for the moratorium to be lifted.

Letter to the editor: Israel must destroy Hamas to protect its existence

History is important. Teaching it and remembering it is crucial to maintaining our democracy. Much outrage is being expressed in our nation, state, and community of Middlebury about the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Letter to the editor: State needs new voting option

Last year, the Vermont Senate advanced a bill to bring Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to presidential primaries, beginning in 2028. This bill had support from the three parties and the Vermont Secretary of State. But the Vermont House needs to act.

Letter to the editor: Trial as adult was poor choice

I would like to thank the Rev. Abigail Diehl-Noble and Anya Schwartz for the insight, empathy and eloquence of their letters regarding the tragic shooting of Madden Gouveia that took place in Bristol several weeks ago.

Letter to the editor: Challenge of ACSD explained

John Flowers’ article in the November 16th edition of the Independent mentioned that I had hired a lawyer to challenge the Addison Central School District’s decision to make its superintendent search confidential. I wanted to take a moment to provide a bi … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Radical changes needed to restore public education

I recently had the privilege of a briefing by a very senior official re: the challenges facing Vermont’s public school system. They form a dark cloud.

Letter to the editor: Justice system must be fixed

Vermont law currently requires that when any child who is 14 years or older is charged with aggravated assault, manslaughter, or murder, that the charge must originate in adult court.

Letter to the editor: Candidate owns up to filing error

When I ran for school board in March, I started out trying to keep up with campaign filings, but honestly, I fell behind.

Letter to the editor: Call out Trump on his pattern of disturbing rhetoric

This past weekend, in his Veterans Day (!) remarks in New Hampshire, former president Trump said, “We will root out the Communists, Marxists, fascists and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country, that lie and steal … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Another take on ecological value of ‘rewilding’

With great respect for the well-meaning editor, writer and horticulturist involved, I’m responding to the article entitled “Rewilding to increase the ecological value” in last week’s Arts and Leisure section.

Letter to the editor: Government should equalize Social Security hikes

The better off get better off and the less fortunate get less fortunate. Every year the Social Security Administration (SSA) gives us elder people on Social Security a cost-of-living increase, or COLA. It is always in the form of a percentage increase.