Letter to the editor: It’s time for the state to ban trapping

A majority of Vermonters oppose recreational and fur trapping — 68% disapprove of recreational trapping (only 26% approve) and 62% disapprove of fur trapping (only 31% approve).

Letter to the editor: Weather ‘split’ is mystifying

So many times we follow a storm track from west and south on storm tracking radar that seems centered on Bristol. But as the storm leaves Albany it splits, some north to Burlington and some south of Middlebury.

Letter to the editor: Be very wary of ‘Medicare’ pitch

The Advantage Plan hucksters are emerging out of their almost yearlong hibernation.

Letter to the editor: OneCare isn’t working out

In response to Mr. Emerson Lynn’s guest editorial “The Peril of OneCare’s failure” (Addison Independent, Nov. 24), OneCare’s failure would hardly impact Vermont’s health care because it has always been a failure to begin with. 

Letter to the editor: Political ad was a big misfire

I would suggest that the Addison Independent also set a standard for publishing right out lies. 

Letter to the editor: Merger vote a major lesson

Perhaps an even bigger surprise came at the beginning of the Nov. 16 Board of Education meeting when the panel accepted Oliver Olsen’s resignation.

Letter to the editor: School district merger fans, foes share same goals

While we may disagree on solutions, we acknowledge our school districts face many difficult problems that are not easy to fix. 

Letter to the editor: Recent letter about stray cats appreciated

I’m writing to commend Erica Langston on a thoughtful and thorough letter regarding the factors to assess when considering if a cat is truly stray and in need of help or if he or she is part of a family who chooses to allow outdoor time.

Letter to the editor: State GOP must eschew Trump to regain relevancy

The recent election was a disaster for the Vermont Republican Party.

Letter to the editor: Some looking for jobs aren’t given a chance

I have personally applied for over 35 jobs in the Addison County area over the years.

Letter to the editor: Pigs are better people than one of our former leaders

I have never met a pig that is sexist, or racist, or homophobic.

Letter to the editor: AgeWell offers good guidance on Medicare options

The mail coming to me every day from for-profit private health insurance plans advertising an alternative to traditional Medicare, is overwhelming.

Letter to the editor: Trunk or treat was a success

The weather was great, the trunks all looked great, and everyone enjoyed the town highway and fire trucks.

Letter to the editor: Clements visit was unfortunate

The Vermont I love has changed over the years, as is inevitable. But for me to read a local congregation’s willingness to identify as aggressive canines left me feeling insulted, even if they weren’t.

Letter to the editor: End of an era for Mount Abe hoops

After 31 years of running the girls’ basketball program at Mount Abraham, Connie LaRose was fired.