Letter to the editor: Ferrisburgh also hosted Douglass

Frederick Douglass spoke in the Ferrisburgh Meeting Hall just days after he spoke in Middlebury and to a far more friendly audience.

Letter to the editor: Addy Indy story erred on burlesque

The article suggests that some individuals may feel that because sexuality and partial nudity are a part of burlesque, that it may be considered an inappropriate choice of fundraising entertainment for a local anti-violence group such as WomenSafe.

Letter to the editor: Near drowning shows need for precautions for all

I’m a strong swimmer. My husband is a careful captain. We have a plethora of life jackets on board our pontoon. Unfortunately, they do no good when they are on the boat, and you are in the water.

Letter to the editor: Proper autumn garden care can help pollinators

Fall is the time of year we generally begin to put our gardens to bed. I have recently changed my garden practices considerably since learning that our gardens can be important havens for pollinating insects and other wildlife during every season of the y … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Lessons of 9/11 more important than ever

This year, I was sadly disappointed as I pulled into the MUHS parking lot and saw the school’s flag at full staff.

Letter to the editor: Charlestin shows courage in speaking out

Esther Charlestin was incredibly helpful to us last year in helping our son (and us) adjust to Middle School and creating a 504 plan. I know it wasn’t always easy! As a family, we are deeply saddened by the experience that she had, but not surprised. 

Letter to the editor: Trappers and hunters do the most for conservation

In response to the inaccurate and unfair Sept. 14 letter by Barbara Felitti, who appears to be an anti-anything hunting or trapping person from Protect Our Wildlife.

Letter to the editor: Thoughts on reenacting war

What a blessing that we are so far removed from the horrors of war that we have the pleasure of reenacting it.

Letter to the editor: College could add an honoree

In their commemoration of Stephen Douglass and Alexander Twilight, Middlebury College might also honor Martin Freeman.

Letter to the editor: Midd police had ‘skill… empathy’

I imagine that people who have multiple encounters in the space of 36 hours with officers from the Middlebury Police Department would typically use the term unfortunate in describing the situation.

Letter to the editor: Racism is real here in Addison County

I am writing in support of Esther Charlestin, the previous Dean of Climate & Culture at Middlebury Union Middle School. I am asking our community to hear the truth about racism in Vermont and acknowledge her concerns about lack of support. 

Letter to the editor: Article on Bristol charity stereotyped Africans

I was again disappointed in the use of “poor African” stereotypes in the photos and captions of “Bristol church celebrates 20 years of support for children, families in Uganda,” where the children (and by extension, their families) are featured primarily … (read more)

Letter to the editor: City rec department, pool staff made the summer special

While losing a parent is never easy, it has been eased by the joy and connections that our pool pass and the children’s swim activities have brought them.

Letter to the editor: Come to fun event & brainstorm housing solutions

How can we as a community make it possible for folks working in the area to have a decent place to live that is not financially out of reach?

Letter to the editor: Public lands could be used to help housing crisis

The local housing crisis is complex enough that it will take more than one relief method to fix it.