Letter to the editor: Medicare now more affordable

Thank you, legislators, for listening to Vermonters’ voices and improving Medicare affordability.

Letter to the editor: Panton land is wasted on solar

My reaction to Bill McKibben’s letter to Editor, May 16, Addison Independent, supporting the Panton solar project was one of great distress.

Letter to the editor: Still searching for a home

I’m out here sleeping in the cold. I do work but it takes so much to save and with rising prices on everything it’s extremely hard.

Letter to the editor: There’s beauty in solar panels

They produce clean renewable energy over which no wars will be fought.

Letter to the editor: Remember those who sacrificed

We used to sing “God Bless America, Land that I Love.” I still do when I think that we live in the most generous country in the world.

Letter to the editor: Morley ‘can’t catch a break’

I suppose that the way things are today, the passengers had a right to expect the worst, but nothing happened to them. If they were traumatized and terrified, then they deserve to be heard, but it’s obvious to me that Marv had no intention of harming anyo … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Orwell readies for budget vote

We are maintaining the same spending figure because we believe that this is the absolute minimum amount of money needed to run our educational programs, keep our facilities from falling into further disrepair, and maintain a safe learning environment.

Letter to the editor: Defendant caused harm, in spite of jury verdict

On July 4, 2022, six young women aged 22-24 experienced a taxi ride that terrified and traumatized them.

Letter to the editor: Weapons policy violates the law

Bless me Father for I have sinned. I am a United States citizen. I have paid my federal taxes. Our United States government offers money and weapons to Israel.

Letter to the editor: ‘Establishment’ is calling the shots on Saunders

Zoie Saunders is an outsider, not a member of Vermont’s education establishment. As such, she is seen as a threat to that entrenched establishment.

Letter to the editor: Kudos for the solar coverage

Andy Kirkaldy’s story makes clear something that usually gets lost in these accounts: this array would replace an operation that uses huge amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus which then wash into Lake Champlain.

Letter to the editor: Panton solar proposal is too big

I could just break down and cry at the thought of 300 acres of beautiful farmland being turned into ugly solar panels!

Letter to the editor: Green energy policy is costly

As this year’s legislative sessions wrap up, I’m left to ponder how our local elected officials could say they were acting in Vermonters best interest.

Letter to the editor: A big shout-out to ECE teachers

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches in May, I find myself reflecting on the invaluable contributions of our Early Childhood Education teachers here in Addison County.

Letter to the editor: Two issues with school financing

In my view, there are two basic financial problems with Vermont’s Public Education System. First, the cost per pupil is much too high and not sustainable.