Letter to the editor: ACSD search lacks transparency

For the sake of transparency with the public, it would have been better for the Addison Central School District board to release the names of the interim superintendent search candidates prior to announcing the hiring decision.

Letter to the editor: Vermont should ban trapping

Trappers consider trapping to be a time-honored tradition they enjoy. To non-trappers, it’s a tradition whose time has come and gone.

Letter to the editor: Student event was inspiring

Thank you to the students, staff and Monica Desrochers of the Addison Northwest School District who put on the Together in Belonging Community Discussion with students this past Wednesday evening in the Vergennes Union High School library.

Letter to the editor: Let’s talk more about preschool

My school is strictly preschool; taking away all of the 4-year-olds to public school and changing or limiting the UPK funding for the 3-year-olds would have put our 44-year-old school out of business.

Poetry: The substance of things hoped for

The Rose of Sharon/ and the Trumpet Vine/ are always the last to leaf out./ Everything else is green —/ has been since the end of April.

Letter to the editor: Former ACSD coaches react to recent coverage

We do not have the space here to correct the untruths in the ACSD statements published in the Addison Independent’s May 4 issue.

Letter to the editor: Keep your lawn friendly to pollinators

Mowing high, set to 5 instead of 3, allows wild plants in pesticide-free mowed areas to thrive under the cutting blade.

Letter to the editor: Recent fundraising concert a major success

On May 5, the Middlebury Methodist Church generously hosted an Annie Patterson and Peter Blood concert for the enjoyment of those who came to sing along as well as being a fundraiser for HOPE.

Letter to the editor: Housing funds are still needed

In my 40-year career in Massachusetts with children and their families, I never knew any family that wanted to remain without a permanent home of their own.

Letter to the editor: Andrews ready for next chapter

I was surprised and honored by the comprehensive article on my international career that appeared in the May 11 edition of the Independent!

Letter to the editor: Addison project must be defined

My questions regarding the will of the people, as demonstrated in last November’s Town Hall bond vote, have been rebuffed at two successive board meetings with robust arguments regarding the legal restriction of the vote.

Letter to the editor: Alcohol-related litter is plentiful

As a frequent cyclist on Vermont’s roads (preferably the gravel ones) I have an additional perspective. 

Letter to the editor: Libby’s Trail in need of clearing

I have been trying to contact someone since December 2022 about trees on the path.

Letter to the editor: Addison delays town hall project

On Nov. 8, 2022, a majority of residents of the Town of Addison voted to approve a bond to finally renovate the Historic Town Hall.

Poetry: Without retiring

For Peter Lebenbaum and his long service with the Counseling Service of Addison County.