Letter to the editor: Videos show horrors in Gaza

“If the American public saw pictures and videos of a one year old baby with ten pieces of shrapnel in their one year old forehead and face or if they saw a twelve year old with no limbs and burnt like an ignored hot dog on the grill, they would open their eyes and see the genocide we are financing.”

These are the words of two American surgeons, Dr. Mark Perlmutter and Dr. Feroze Sidhwa, who returned from Gaza on April 8 and published an article titled, “We Have Never Seen Cruelty Like Israel’s Genocide in Gaza.”

On the April 10 edition of Democracy Now, these two internationally recognized surgeons graphically show their audience with words and pictures, the humanitarian disaster and genocide that is Gaza.

Their interviews can be seen on YouTube, and Democracy Now, April 10, 2024.

Linda Brown


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