Editorial: Governor’s vetoes hit their mark

Our bet is that many Vermonters may be shaking their heads in agreement with the governor, if not outright approval.

Community forum: AG’s decision ‘dangerous, chilling’

The recent decision by Attorney General Charity Clark to charge two Vermont State troopers with simple assault and reckless endangerment is bad judgement.

Ways of Seeing: Impacts of illness can be invisible

I am about to tell you a difficult story. Stay with me, please. There’s a reason I’m sharing it.

Victor Nuovo: Parmenides: A two-fold reality

Parmenides endeavored to achieve his goal by demonstrating through purely rational argument that the very idea of Nature is absurd.

Letter to the editor: ACSD search lacks transparency

For the sake of transparency with the public, it would have been better for the Addison Central School District board to release the names of the interim superintendent search candidates prior to announcing the hiring decision.

Letter to the editor: Vermont should ban trapping

Trappers consider trapping to be a time-honored tradition they enjoy. To non-trappers, it’s a tradition whose time has come and gone.

Guest editorial: Transform Ryegate, Yankee for jobs and for the climate

Here is the gist of recent recommendations to the Vermont Climate Council calling for the profitable renovation of Vermont’s two wood plants, McNeil and Ryegate, thereby transforming them into negative-emission power and storage stations. 

Ways of Seeing: Libraries are a place of connection

In the few months that I’ve been a volunteer at the Lawrence Memorial Library, I’ve realized that many of my activities require using tape: Scotch tape, binding tape, that wide tape I call “gorilla tape” because it’s relentless (once in place, it cannot b … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: I ‘May’ love this month the best

In his 1922 poem “The Waste Land,” T.S. Eliot said — if I recall correctly — “April is the cruellest month / But May is, like, amazing.” Boy, was he right.

Victor Nuovo: Heraclitus and the unity of opposites

Heraclitus was the first to make paradox a philosophical theme. 

Community forum: EMS providers always ready

In 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized National EMS Week to celebrate Emergency Medical Services practitioners and the important work they do in our nation’s communities.

Letter to the editor: Student event was inspiring

Thank you to the students, staff and Monica Desrochers of the Addison Northwest School District who put on the Together in Belonging Community Discussion with students this past Wednesday evening in the Vergennes Union High School library.

Letter to the editor: Let’s talk more about preschool

My school is strictly preschool; taking away all of the 4-year-olds to public school and changing or limiting the UPK funding for the 3-year-olds would have put our 44-year-old school out of business.

Editorial: Legislature was productive on issues that really count

Deem this year’s legislative session a success, and if you think none of the goings-on in Montpelier impact you directly, here are several reasons why they do and why you should care. 

Ways of Seeing: Trauma prevention is a real priority

I think about trauma a lot, because I earn my living working with people’s bodies, and the body is where unresolved trauma lives.