Editorial: The mirror UWAC holds reflects who we want to be

There are some local annual events that are so important they can’t be hyped enough.

Community forum: ACSD is taking concrete steps to fight racism

We hear community members calling for us to do better and to respond. We want to share with certainty: We have moved beyond acknowledging the problem. We are committed to doing the work that will make change within our schools. 

Ways of Seeing: Many pitched in to help burn survivor

In July, I traveled to Mongolia again, hoping to interview the various protagonists in my documentaries.

Editorial: MREMS changes are needed

It makes sense for the Middlebury-based ambulance service, Middlebury Regional Emergency Medical Services, to change its system of funding as it recently proposed to the 10-member towns it serves.

Jessie Raymond: A picky eater grows up… slowly

I got my nutrients from the handful of raw vegetables I deemed acceptable and the fortified goodness of my morning Cap’n Crunch.

Letter to the editor: Ferrisburgh also hosted Douglass

Frederick Douglass spoke in the Ferrisburgh Meeting Hall just days after he spoke in Middlebury and to a far more friendly audience.

Letter to the editor: Addy Indy story erred on burlesque

The article suggests that some individuals may feel that because sexuality and partial nudity are a part of burlesque, that it may be considered an inappropriate choice of fundraising entertainment for a local anti-violence group such as WomenSafe.

Letter to the editor: Near drowning shows need for precautions for all

I’m a strong swimmer. My husband is a careful captain. We have a plethora of life jackets on board our pontoon. Unfortunately, they do no good when they are on the boat, and you are in the water.

Letter to the editor: Proper autumn garden care can help pollinators

Fall is the time of year we generally begin to put our gardens to bed. I have recently changed my garden practices considerably since learning that our gardens can be important havens for pollinating insects and other wildlife during every season of the y … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Lessons of 9/11 more important than ever

This year, I was sadly disappointed as I pulled into the MUHS parking lot and saw the school’s flag at full staff.

Letter to the editor: Charlestin shows courage in speaking out

Esther Charlestin was incredibly helpful to us last year in helping our son (and us) adjust to Middle School and creating a 504 plan. I know it wasn’t always easy! As a family, we are deeply saddened by the experience that she had, but not surprised. 

Letter to the editor: Trappers and hunters do the most for conservation

In response to the inaccurate and unfair Sept. 14 letter by Barbara Felitti, who appears to be an anti-anything hunting or trapping person from Protect Our Wildlife.

Editorial: Biden’s age vs. his record

President Joe Biden’s age has always been a secondary concern, but rarely has it captured the headlines as it has the past few weeks.

Ways of Seeing: Caregivers and ‘fellow travelers’

Recently I was offered the opportunity to help revive the Early Childhood Leadership Institute at the Snelling Center for Government. It was a sweet and bittersweet offer. 

Letter to the editor: Thoughts on reenacting war

What a blessing that we are so far removed from the horrors of war that we have the pleasure of reenacting it.