Editorial: Of fun, song and flowers

Today’s front page photo of preschooler Lucy Bowdish skillfully navigating the recently opened Middlebury Pump Track speaks of an essential quality all thriving towns should have: many ways to spark joy. 

Guest editorial: Truth to power(lines)

The electric power industry has not been known for rapid changes in technology, thinking, or standards of practice.

Ways of Seeing: Ukraine still needs our attention

Both Oksana, who is in her twenties, and I, in my late sixties, grew up in Hashomer Hatzair, a worldwide Jewish socialist youth movement which began in Poland one hundred and ten years ago. 

Jessie Raymond: Cord cutting causes confusion

Mark and I first got basic cable TV when we moved from Weybridge to Middlebury in 1994. Suddenly, we had dozens of channels to choose from. We paid around $30 a month for the privilege of not watching most of them.

Victor Nuovo: The Greek Atomists

The atomic theory was first conceived by two Greek philosophers, Leucippus and Democritus, who flourished during the first half of the 5th century BCE.

Letter to the editor: Chopping wood yields reward

I was cutting some branches into firewood. Cut lilac has a nice smell, so I took some inside and set it on the kitchen table.

Letter to the editor: PreK expansion raises concerns

I am afraid I have to disagree with both Senator Hardy and Angelo Lynn on the feasibility of their notion of expanding dollars for PreK and moving all 4-year-olds into a public school setting.

Letter to the editor: Staffing issues need solutions

I’m writing to bring awareness to a challenge our community faces regarding finding staffing to support aftercare and summer programming.

Letter to the editor: Round of applause for Town Hall Theater’s ‘Fidelio’

This musical event would get rave reviews anywhere in the country.

Faith Gong: Things we don’t talk about: Being the anti-hero

I have an uneasy relationship in my head with singer/songwriter/cultural icon Taylor Swift.

Editorial: Governor’s vetoes hit their mark

Our bet is that many Vermonters may be shaking their heads in agreement with the governor, if not outright approval.

Community forum: AG’s decision ‘dangerous, chilling’

The recent decision by Attorney General Charity Clark to charge two Vermont State troopers with simple assault and reckless endangerment is bad judgement.

Ways of Seeing: Impacts of illness can be invisible

I am about to tell you a difficult story. Stay with me, please. There’s a reason I’m sharing it.

Victor Nuovo: Parmenides: A two-fold reality

Parmenides endeavored to achieve his goal by demonstrating through purely rational argument that the very idea of Nature is absurd.

Letter to the editor: ACSD search lacks transparency

For the sake of transparency with the public, it would have been better for the Addison Central School District board to release the names of the interim superintendent search candidates prior to announcing the hiring decision.