Letter to the editor: Bear hunting not useful tactic

Human-wildlife conflict poses a major challenge for the conservation of carnivore species globally.

Faith Gong: The therapeutic benefits of… ironing?

“Vacuuming can be therapeutic,” the middle-aged woman told my 22-year-old self.

Editorial: A pilgrimage of civic duty

In Lincoln, population about 1,300, a civic-minded group of about 70 residents decided most of the town’s business at Town Meeting, while also epitomizing the essence of Town Meeting through many comments. 

Editorial: Speaking out works

For those who might despair that speaking out doesn’t change anything and the best bet is to stay silent and let others fight their battles, the story of Michelle Steele is heartening.

Climate Matters: A carbon bomb in our Green Mountain National Forest?

I believe that the staff at the Green Mountain National Forest are good, well-meaning professionals who care deeply about our forest, but that they are locked into outdated science and policies in a 2006 Forest Plan that works directly against efforts to … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Discovering the ‘Light’ with yoga

Most people show up to yoga class for gentle movement, deep breathing, and stress reduction, but if they come to my classes they get yoga philosophy too.

Letter to the editor: Haven family gives their thanks

This is in regards to your article about the Haven portraits.

Letter to the editor: ‘Unaffordable’ act shortsighted

Bill S.5 the “Unaffordable Heat Act” is an insidious way for the Legislature to force us to use green power, i.e. by making other forms of energy too expensive.

Letter to the editor: Single mom explains need for Family Leave Act

I am a working-class mother of a 9-year-old child here in Ripton, Vt. This last year I struggled with a severe medical condition that required intensive ongoing treatment.

Letter to the editor: Time is now for action on Affordable Heating Act

I read with dismay in the most recent edition of the Independent that the Affordable Heating Act, S.5, has been put on hold, and will become another study for the two years, of what to do to address climate change.

Letter to the editor: A look at migrant workers through a climate prism

As to “playing a vital role in the health of the state’s agricultural industry” let’s put sympathy momentarily aside and have a cold, hard look at an underlying problem. 

Letter to the editor: Misleading labels for healthcare insurance do harm

What used to be called “catastrophic” insurance has been rebranded as “high deductible” insurance.

Letter to the editor: Avoiding metropolises on a great ‘Southern Adventure’ from Orwell

Recently, my wife, Sharon and I headed south on our own Spring Break. She did all the planning.

Letter to the editor: Buying ‘American-made’ vehicles not as useful, simple as it seems

Rustan Swenson, in a Feb. 23, letter to the editor, opened up a major can of worms by encouraging us to buy American-made vehicles on Presidents’ Day.

Letter to the editor: Guns & our culture are a risky blend

When I was twelve, my father gave me a shotgun to shoot at quail. I was told they were sporting and a good source of food.