Ways of Seeing: ‘Hard to place’ label gets tiresome

Hercules and Atlas got a lot of notoriety for holding up the world, and admittedly, quite a feat it was. But what of a modern heroine, one who doesn’t hold up the world but one who straddles many?

Jessie Raymond: Broken fridge prompts new lifestyle

Lately, I’ve been embracing my European side.

Letter to the editor: Field Days can plan to go green

Now that the Addison County Fair Field Days are over, the results printed in the Independent and school is back in session, perhaps it is time to look at what a Field Days of the future might look like.

Letter to the editor: Grant touted for county sheriff

Gerald Grant was born and raised in Addison County and is known for his honesty, integrity and the respect he has for the people of this community.

Letter to the editor: Rebuttal needed for election lie

While I appreciate the Addison Independent’s interviews with candidates for local and state elections, the Sept. 8 report on Peter Caldwell is a conduit for disinformation.

Faith Gong: Lessons from a paddleboard

It’s an obvious metaphor, but it’s true: Where you look is where you’ll go.

Editorial: Trump’s troubling trove

The latest news that a top-secret document describing a foreign government’s military defense readiness, including its nuclear capabilities, was found among the documents at ex-president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence is the proof the public needs to … (read more)

After a fall, first responders made all the difference

On Aug. 22 while hiking with my nine-year-old granddaughter and six-and-a-half-year-old grandson, I fell and broke my hip.

Ways of Seeing: Apt response to ‘All Lives Matter’

Let’s imagine a house catches on fire one dry summer day, and fortunately, someone gets hold of the fire department.

Clippings: Instagram added insult to injury

While riding my bike to work one Wednesday morning I rear-ended a stationary pick-up truck on Main Street during morning rush hour. The pickup won.

Letter to the editor: Biden gave an honest speech

As I was listening to President Biden’s recent speech with tears in my eyes, I was so glad to see him talking straight to all of us in such inclusive terms.

Letter to the editor: Colleges are also billionaires

U.S. colleges bear considerable responsibility for the student debt crisis.

Letter to the editor: Accountability isn’t disrespect

Since Chief Merkel announced his retirement, Front Porch Forum in Vergennes has been awash in vague and inflammatory posts about city leadership.

Letter to the editor: Off-campus student housing creating problems

It was extremely disappointing to learn that both the town selectboard and the college have strayed from the spirit of our Town Plan by allowing for the conversion of several town residences into student housing.

Letter to the editor: New federal rule would expand reach of abortion

Health care providers and insurers should not be coerced to perform or cover abortions or transgender procedures.