Veteran tells her story so we can all understand vets’ service

For Veterans Day I would like to share with you one of my experiences as a medic who served 15 consecutive months in a combat zone.

Community Forum: These veterans work to end all wars

It’s been 101 years since the armistice was signed that ended the First World War. That war was so horrific that it was viewed as the war to end all wars. People wanted peace.

Editorial: Vergennes truck bypass: It’s not an option to fail

In Vergennes, the fact that over 100 people attended a Nov. 4 forum on a new route for truck traffic to bypass the downtown is indicative of how critical it is to solve what is an untenable problem.

Community forum: County climate group sees progress

This past summer, the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County (CEAC) completed over 40 interviews with diverse community members.

Ways of seeing: More than a film — a relationship

I met Khongoroo (pronounced Hungara), the protagonist, 15 years ago when she rode her reindeer into a Dukha reindeer herding settlement I was visiting.

Jessie Raymond: eBay owes me an apology

Let me preface it by saying that I am fully aware that I’m aging.

Editorial: COVID spike requires precaution

A large group of legislators are calling for Gov. Phil Scott to reinstate emergency measures and impose a mask mandate on a temporary basis to fend off a spike in Covid-19 cases.

Letter to the editor: Add solar arrays to parking lots, not farm fields

I appreciate Bill McKibben’s guest editorial about the need for many more solar panels in Vermont in response to our climate emergency. In light of this climate emergency I would like to see some refinement on where these arrays are built.

Letter to the editor: Civics ed would build community

In reply to the Oct. 21 letter to the editor that ran under the headline “The BLM flag is a divider” — I would like to see civics and community service emphasized in schools.

Letter to the editor: Climate council must listen to all

The Vermont Climate Council is currently drafting an Action Plan to guide our state in its transition to renewable energy — a daunting task that will impact everyone’s lives for many years to come.

Letter to the editor: Ripton chose to exercise rights

I was astounded by Oliver Olsen’s comments in the Addison Independent article last week referring to Ripton’s withdrawal from ACSD.

Editorial: George Jaeger: ‘Education must be better & much deeper’

GEORGE JAEGER A dear friend to many of us Middlebury-area residents in the 60-plus crowd, George Jaeger led a fascinating life. Born in Vienna, Austria in 1926, the son of Frederick Jaeger who was a university professor of art, he and his family survived … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Forest shows way of cooperation

Walking through the forest as these late fall days lingered with unnatural warmth, I found the woods filled with life and light.

Eric Davis: Complex process will fill Vt. court

On Monday, the United States Senate confirmed Vermont Supreme Court Justice Beth Robinson’s nomination for a seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Letter to the editor: Memory Tree needs backers

It’s time to pass the torch. For 30 years, a small group of ladies and gents have seen to getting lights up on the Memory Tree and lighting it.