Ways of Seeing: Could somebody help me please?

Have you ever expressed that worry, lying alone in your hospital bed and wondering if a nurse will come? 

Jessie Raymond: Discovering the fun of fishing

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as spending a spring evening fishing. At least that’s what Mark says. But then, he practically grew up with a fishing pole over his shoulder. I grew up with a book bag over mine.

Victor Nuovo: The irony of war

The theme of this essay occurred to me while reading a new history of the Second World War entitled “Blood and Ruins, The Last Imperial War.”

Letter to the editor: Teens thanked for their efforts

Can you believe today’s teenagers? What will they do next? Just turn on the news or read the papers and you get reports of mischief and mayhem, disrespect and disaster. Where are those teens who care about their community, who show some respect and respon … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Let’s groom kids for greatness

An article crossed my news feed today reporting on the latest divisive political buzzword — “grooming.”

Letter to the editor: Big vote looms in Starksboro

Starksboro, please vote yes on May 10 to save Robinson Elementary School.

Editorial: Skatepark — That’s the spirit

The group involved, calling itself the Middlebury Skatepark Coalition, currently has 50 members and has set this Friday, April 29 (at the Ilsley Library community room at 5 p.m.) as an informational meeting to get the ball rolling.

Climate Matters: Our agriculture must be transformed for survival

By now, most people have seen headlines from the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: This is our “do-or-die” moment.

Building the library of the future: Range of programs builds community

I often describe the library as a community center, and programs that build community connections are an important part of that.

Opinion: Ilsley workshop spurs creativity of poets

A library — the best kind of library — can give something back. The library can make books.

Victor Nuovo: Time and eternity: Human focus on here and now results in untold suffering

VICTOR NUOVO 13th in a series I concluded last week’s essay with a question: whether human history has any meaning. And I suggested that an answer might be found in the writings of Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971), in particular, in a book published in 1949 e … (read more)

Editorial: Two notes of importance

Here’s the deal about Green Up Day: it works best if you coordinate your efforts with your town.

Letter to the editor: Letter writer had a point

I write in response to Kris Diehl’s letter in your April 21 issue. He raises a good point.

Letter to the editor: Bristolite offers thanks for help

I would like to say “Thank You” and “I appreciate you” to My Good Friday Angel who filled my gas tank on Friday the 15th in Hinesburg. You know who you are.

Letter to the editor: Snowbird

I don’t know whether to ride/ my mower or push my snow-blower./ Given what April brings to us.