Guest editorial: The Leahy Law should be applied to Israel

I conceived and introduced the Leahy law in 1997 because our Latin partners, and security forces in many other countries, were violating the basic principles that the United States stands for, and we were complicit. Today, people are asking whether the law should apply to Israel.

Ways of Seeing: Money changed Boeing trajectory

You could say that I owe my life to Boeing. Until the advent of Amazon and Microsoft, it was the largest employer in the Seattle area, even in the early years of World War II, as the Depression came to an end.

Letter to the editor: Still searching for a home

I’m out here sleeping in the cold. I do work but it takes so much to save and with rising prices on everything it’s extremely hard.

Letter to the editor: There’s beauty in solar panels

They produce clean renewable energy over which no wars will be fought.

Letter to the editor: Remember those who sacrificed

We used to sing “God Bless America, Land that I Love.” I still do when I think that we live in the most generous country in the world.

Letter to the editor: Morley ‘can’t catch a break’

I suppose that the way things are today, the passengers had a right to expect the worst, but nothing happened to them. If they were traumatized and terrified, then they deserve to be heard, but it’s obvious to me that Marv had no intention of harming anyo … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Orwell readies for budget vote

We are maintaining the same spending figure because we believe that this is the absolute minimum amount of money needed to run our educational programs, keep our facilities from falling into further disrepair, and maintain a safe learning environment.

Editorial: The case for Dean, while Scott’s burden is heavier

Could this year’s “tough” legislative session have been less bitter, more productive, and had a better outcome with a different dynamic between the Legislature and the governor’s office?

Community Forum: How to hire a home improvement contractor

My Consumer Assistance Program is here to help with tips and resources for homeowners and residential contractors.

Ways of Seeing: We can learn from other nations

Driving in western Ireland is a unique experience. Although there are a few “dual carriageways,” resembling our interstates, most of the roads are small and considerably narrower than our standard roads in Vermont, and generally lacking any shoulders.

Editorial: MNFF’s 10-year miracle

It’s no small deal to create something from nothing. It’s even more incredulous when what’s created is top-notch.

Jessie Raymond: Budding birder seeks camaraderie

As husbands go, Mark does all right. But lately I’m finding he’s letting me down in one important way: He shows less enthusiasm for wild birds than I feel is appropriate for a man of his age.

Community Forum: Experience with a mother changed my perspective on substance use

The author used to be biased against people with a substance disorder. But recent experience as a guardian ad litem caused her to change her mind.

Hector Vila: A great awakening in the offing?

Since I have been writing about higher education in these pages, it’s incumbent that I address the current campus protests against the agony in Gaza.

Letter to the editor: Defendant caused harm, in spite of jury verdict

On July 4, 2022, six young women aged 22-24 experienced a taxi ride that terrified and traumatized them.