Dec. 1 Shabbat seeks justice for Palestine

After a well-attended Ceasefire Shabbat held on Nov. 10, the group will hold a Shabbat for Justice Friday, Dec. 1, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. in the Crest Room at McCullough Student Center, located at 14 Old Chapel Road on the Middlebury College campus. 

Guest editorial: Justice for Palestinians and security for Israel

There have been five wars in the last 15 years between Israel and Hamas. How do we end the current one and prevent a sixth from happening, sooner or later?

Letter to the editor: Israel must destroy Hamas to protect its existence

History is important. Teaching it and remembering it is crucial to maintaining our democracy. Much outrage is being expressed in our nation, state, and community of Middlebury about the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Editorial: Gaza invasion puts American priorities in a new light

Yes, Israel has the right to defend itself against the barbarous attack on Oct. 7 led by Hamas. So too, however, does the United States have a right to withhold or restrict support to an over-reaction by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Letter to the editor: Unconscionable acts on both sides in Middle East

How can it be that after all these centuries of “progress,” we humans still try to resolve our differences by killing each other and destroying what we have labored to build?

Ways of Seeing: Conflict calls for ‘wakefullness’

In these unbearably long weeks since Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attacks on Israel, acts of really listening to one another have been in very short supply.

Sarit Katzew: Israel Hamas war touches all Jews

I don’t know a single Jewish person who doesn’t know someone directly impacted by the war. Whether you’re religiously observant or secular, Zionist or not, Jews are connected to Israel in some way.