Letter to the editor: No more arms, funding for Israel

I have been actively working to support an immediate cease fire in Gaza and the West Bank. Ending the killing is only a first step towards a permanent peace based upon justice, freedom, and recognition of Palestinian rights to all of the civil liberties that we all take for granted. 

We need to move beyond a focus solely upon the right of Israel to be and to self-defense and equally weigh in the rights of Palestinians to be, live in peace and security as well. Among these rights is to be free from apartheid, to be free from genocide or ethnic cleansing, and self-determination. 

The first step is simple. Not complicated. Stop sending American money and weapons to Israel. 

We don’t need to negotiate with anyone. Just stop. The war will end very quickly if we do. The longer peace will take time but can only happen if both sides are respected. A return to apartheid and the business as usual will only perpetuate cycles of oppression, violence, revenge and so on.

Steven Brown


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