Letter to the editor: Voter registration key to preserving democracy

I am a concerned voter in Addison County. I believe that all citizens who are 18 or over should have the right to vote and I am doing all I can to help in that effort.

The Freedom to Vote Act (S.1/H.R.11) will be a crucial step in protecting our right to vote and combating undemocratic practices like partisan gerrymandering and election sabotage. This legislation, which nearly passed before, is a testament to the ongoing struggle for justice and equality. As we honor the sacrifices of Black leaders who paved the way for progress, let us also recognize our responsibility to build public support for the transformative proposals within the Freedom to Vote Act.

I am continuing to urge high school students to run their own non-partisan voter registration drives and to encourage their peers to vote. Four million young people turn 18 in this country each year and voting gives them a voice in decisions about their future.

I am also urging all voters to check the status of their registration since work is under way to cull lists of Vermonters. Some of this is legitimate when citizens may have moved away or died, but mistakes can be made. I would not want to show up at the polls and find I suddenly have to re-register. The Vermont Secretary of State’s office makes this easy to do by going online to https://mvp.vermont.gov/ (My Voter Page), where there is a prominent green button that says Check Status. It only takes seconds to do, and the site gives lots of other useful information on voting in Vermont. There will be a voter guide coming out this summer, specific to each voting district, that will give information on candidates and what they hope to accomplish.

Help our democracy thrive!

Sally Roth


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