Hooper makes a run for Middlebury board

Andy Hooper looks at the current state of national politics and shakes his head. But he still has confidence in local government — where people tend to work together for the common good of constituents — and he wants to be a part of it.

Jan. 24 is the deadline for candidates

Those running for local offices on Town Meeting Day have until Monday, Jan. 24, to file the necessary paperwork with their respective town clerks.

Vermonters watch national election from afar

As Vermonters watched statewide and local races with relative calm and largely expected results on Tuesday evening, on Wednesday their attention — as for all Americans — remained intently focused on the presidential and U.S. Senate races, with a few battl … (read more)

Editorial: Biden may win, but Trumpism reveals nation’s ugly underbelly

We have to confess we desperately wanted to run the headline in today’s paper that proclaimed, in large type across the front page: “America to Trump: YOUR FIRED!” And we hoped to read versions of that theme in newspapers across the country. It didn’t hap … (read more)

Faith Gong: An Election Day reflection in praise of tongue-biting

I am acutely aware that this column will be published the day before Election Day. There are intense emotions swirling around November 3, 2020: an election that falls during a year of pandemic, wildfires, protests over systemic racism, and a country bitte … (read more)

Monkton adds office hours to help those who didn’t receive mailed ballots

MONKTON — The Monkton Town Office will be open on Saturday, Oct. 31, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to assist voters who may not have received their election ballots in the mail. According to an announcement sent out by the town Friday afternoon, a large volume o … (read more)

Post-election rallies planned in Addison County to ensure votes are counted

Two local groups have formed to help keep the public’s eye on potential post-election fraud and plan to hold rallies following Tuesday’s Election Day. Addison County Votes, a group of 20 local residents is preparing for a “Count Every Vote” Rally in Brist … (read more)

Game on! Lengthy 2020 election season to climax on Tuesday

ADDISON COUNTY — All eyes on Nov. 3 will be squarely fixed on the tumultuous race for U.S. president featuring Democrat Joe Biden versus incumbent Republican Donald Trump. But the 2020 General Election is giving Addison County residents many additional re … (read more)

Republican running in Addison-1 for balance

MIDDLEBURY — After a six-year hiatus, Middlebury Republican Tom Hughes is back on the ballot in his attempt to win one of two seats representing Addison County’s shire town in the Vermont House. Hughes, 64, is the lone challenger on the 2020 ballot for th … (read more)

Political echoes from the Sheldon Museum archives: Elections, then and now

We live in one of the most divisive times in American history. However, the past is full of politically charged moments that still resonate with us today as documented by the Sheldon Museum’s archival collections.  *** Elections, Then and Now News of the … (read more)

Editorial: Scott earns a repeat but with significant caveats

In Vermont’s gubernatorial race, expect Gov. Phil Scott’s incumbency and his steady hand through the ongoing pandemic to usher in a third term. While Democrat David Zuckerman proved to be a worthy adversary on the issues, Scott’s widely popular actions to … (read more)

Editorial: Vote for Joe — and democracy

The surprise in the presidential contest between former Vice President Joe Biden and the incumbent is not that Trump continued his litany of daily lies, insults and idiotic statements (“The pandemic has ended,” Trump said yesterday as the nation reels und … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Scott is fine, but GOP is not

What’s not to like about Governor Phil Scott — he’s doing a good job with the pandemic, he watches the budget, and he drives a stock car. I like these things as a Vermonter who grew up within earshot of Thunder Road (I still remember Ronnie Marvin’s numbe … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Silberman is the best choice

Without hesitation I support Dave Silberman for high bailiff in this upcoming election. Perhaps a lesser known position, the high bailiff has an important community role intended to put a check on the sheriff’s office. In an effort to prevent impropriety … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Many reasons to vote against Trump

It is election season. Many folks have already voted. This letter is written to those who have not yet voted and may be undecided about who to vote for, or who are considering voting for President Trump. There are a number of things that are facts about t … (read more)