Bristol’s Heffernan seeks to serve all Vermonters in office

Bristol resident Steven Heffernan has long been committed to helping out his neighbors. 

Leicester’s Bienvenue shares views on education, housing

Leicester Republican Lesley Bienvenue tried two years ago to compete for one of the two state Senate seats representing Addison County, Rochester, Huntington and Buel’s Gore.

Editorial: Concerns about Biden grow

The dilemma facing Vermont’s delegation is reflective of anxious Democrats around the country.

Letter to the editor: Biden has poor track record

Angelo Lynn referred to Biden’s “wise decisions.” What are these “wise” decisions?

Letter to the editor: Rep. Elder explains his bid for Senate seat

My name is Caleb Elder and I’m running to represent Addison County, Rochester, Huntington and Buel’s Gore in the Vermont Senate.

Letter to the editor: Sen. Bray has earned another term

In the upcoming Democratic primary this August, I am supporting Senator Chris Bray. As Senator, he has served Addison County and the state of Vermont extremely well since 2013, advocating in all his legislative work for the health of Vermonters.

Letter to the editor: Bray has been catalyst for environmental protection

I encourage my Addison County neighbors to vote for our senior State Senator, Chris Bray, in the August 13 primary election.

Letter to the editor: Democrats shouldn’t give up on Biden

I read the editorial about Biden stepping down and thought it was interesting and thoughtful. However, I disagree.

Letter to the editor: We must persuade Biden to pass on reelection

The morning after the debate, I sent the following message to President Biden.

Caulfield wants more political diversity in Legislature

Lynne Caulfield has been outspoken on issues ranging from physician-assisted suicide to reproductive rights.

McGuinness promises to be strong advocate for families

Monkton Republican Renee McGuinness knows the Vermont Statehouse well, having testified there on a variety of legislation on behalf of the Vermont Family Alliance, a non-profit advocacy organization that, among other things, tracks “current and proposed p … (read more)

Primary election slate comes into focus

Aug. 13 primaries will be needed to whittle down the field of Democrats and Republicans vying for the two seats representing the Addison-4 House district, as well as for the two seats representing Addison County, Rochester, Huntington and Buel’s Gore in t … (read more)

Starksboro Democrat Herb Olson runs for House

Longtime lawyer Herb Olson spent a very memorable 15 years of his career (1987-2003) as a member of the Vermont Legislative Counsel, helping state lawmakers draft bills targeting healthcare, economic development, taxation and other weighty policy issues.

Letter to the editor: Voter registration key to preserving democracy

I am a concerned voter in Addison County. I believe that all citizens who are 18 or over should have the right to vote and I am doing all I can to help in that effort.

Letter to the editor: Trump is the better choice

I may only be writing this letter with half a brain according to Salisbury’s Bruce Acciavatti. If you read the nastiness of his letter, it shows that his political party cannot reach across the aisle for compromise.