Letter to the editor: Political ad was a big misfire

I would suggest that the Addison Independent also set a standard for publishing right out lies. 

Letter to the editor: State GOP must eschew Trump to regain relevancy

The recent election was a disaster for the Vermont Republican Party.

Vt. election comic book teaches about democracy

A new comic book, titled “Freedom and Unity,” aims to teach people about civics education, local democracy and the Vermont election process.

Editorial: A sea-change in expectations, Trump’s path to the ash heap

We don’t pretend that the next two years, with a divided Congress and a presidential election coming in two years (and with Trump in the mix), will be peachy keen, but we’re hoping the public vote says that most Americans want a government that works on s … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Clements visit was unfortunate

The Vermont I love has changed over the years, as is inevitable. But for me to read a local congregation’s willingness to identify as aggressive canines left me feeling insulted, even if they weren’t.

Letter to the editor: Independent state Senate candidate passes torch

The 802 Strong voters understood that my main issue was term limits.

Howard Dean optimistic about democracy, but sees work still to be done

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean gave his take on the 2022 midterm elections during a talk in Middlebury on Thursday.

Editorial: Dems have unexpected hope as GOP’s Red Wave fizzles

The big news on the national front is two-fold: 1) the promised Red Wave fizzled, and 2) Trump is being blamed.

McGill wins race for seat in redone Addison-5 district

The Addison-5 House district has, for four years, been the GOP’s lone red beachhead in an otherwise blue Addison County.

Voters pick Eva Vekos as the county state’s attorney

Middlebury Democrat Eva Vekos on Tuesday scored a decisive win to become the county’s new state’s attorney, besting Addison County Deputy State’s Attorney Peter Bevere, 8,478-6,147.

Michael Elmore tapped to move up to sheriff’s post

Elmore won 8,177 (44.45%) of the 18,396 votes cast, prevailing over fellow candidates Gerald Grant of Addison and Mark Stacey of Leicester. Grant received 3,807 (20.69%) of the votes and Stacey won 3,105 votes (16.88%).

ANWSD, Mt. Abe merger rejected by nine towns

Voters in the nine towns making up the Addison Northwest and Mount Abraham Unified school districts on Tuesday voted 4,282-1,886 to oppose the merger of the two entities as a way to combat declining enrollment and rising overhead costs.

Addison-3 incumbents Lanpher and Birong coast to victory

Addison-3 Vermont House District incumbents Diane Lanpher and Matt Birong, both Vergennes Democrats, cruised to re-election on Tuesday over a pair of Republican challengers, Rob North of Ferrisburgh and James McClay of New Haven.

Middlebury re-elects Scheu and Sheldon

Incumbent Addison-1 House Reps. Robin Scheu and Amy Sheldon, both Middlebury Democrats, breezed to re-election on Tuesday in a three-person race for two seats that included Middlebury Republican Peter Caldwell.

Region’s voters follow state trends

County voters joined Vermonters overall in supporting winning candidates for federal and statewide office and in protecting reproductive rights in the state constitution.