Rep. Conlon retains his Addison-2 House seat

Incumbent Rep. Peter Conlon has won the Democratic primary for the Addison-2 Vermont House district after ballots were counted on Tuesday.

GOP taps Michael Elmore for sheriff

Addison’s Michael Elmore easily prevailed over Ron Holmes of Middlebury, 1,199 to 646, in Tuesday’s Republican primary for Addison County sheriff.

Vekos wins primary for state’s attorney

Middlebury’s Eva Vekos scored a decisive win over Montpelier resident (Lincoln native) Tim Lueders-Dumont, 2,823-2,388, in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for Addison County state’s attorney.

Christiano earns GOP nod in Addison-5 House race

Jon Christiano of New Haven clinched a 163-134 victory over Zachary Kent of Bridport in Tuesday’s GOP primary. He will face Bridport Democrat Jubilee McGill in the Nov. 8 General Election.

Primary contests prompt local candidates to raise more funds

Addison-3 House hopeful Robert North and Tim Lueders-Dumont, a candidate for Addison County state’s attorney, had raised the most campaign donations as of the Aug. 1 filing deadline for candidates vying for General Assembly and county posts this fall.

Editorial: A primary night overview

Vermont Progressives took center stage in Vermont following Tuesday’s primary with left-leaning candidates capturing seats for U.S. Congress, Lt. Governor, the state’s Attorney General and several down-ticket offices.

It’s decision time for Vermont voters

Addison County residents will have plenty of reasons to come out to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 9, to cast ballots in a series of primary runoffs that will solidify the final field of candidates for a variety of county, statewide and federal positions that … (read more)

Editorial: As PAC money tips a race, is election reform needed?

During the past couple of months, Vermonters have endured a tsunami of political ads jamming mailboxes with single-sheet pamphlets, flooding airwaves on TV and commercial radio, and popping up on social media ad nauseam. 

Vermont Primary election voter guide 2022

Read about each of the candidates in this Primary Election Guide, consider your options, then vote in the election, either in person next Tuesday or by dropping your mail-in ballot in the U.S. mail or at your town clerk’s office.

Letter to the editor: Holmes should be new sheriff

I am writing to endorse Ron Holmes, the best candidate for Sheriff of Addison County. Ron places the importance of good citizenship over showmanship!

Letter to the editor: Evans-Frantz for senator

From the time Governor Howard Dean invited him to become the first high school student voting member of Vermont’s State Board of Education, Isaac Evans-Frantz has been a leader in social and climate justice.

Letter to the editor: Christiano’s motivation for House bid questioned

I was not aware that in 2020 he lost his State Senate seat to Chris Bray and Ruth Hardy by finishing fourth in a field of five.

Letter to the editor: Conlon has earned trust

I trust Peter Conlon. I know him to be a person of integrity and concern for others in his personal, professional and political lives.

Letter to the editor: It’s time to elect Harlin to Addison-2 House seat

I recently had the privilege of having a nice long conversation with Wendy Harlin in my back yard. She is running for the Vermont House Addison-2 seat representing my hometown of Cornwall along with Goshen, Leicester, Ripton and Salisbury.

Republican candidates face off in Addison-5 primary

New Haven’s Jon Christiano faces fellow Republican Zachary Kent of Bridport in an Aug. 9 GOP primary that will determine who goes on to face Bridport Democrat Jubilee McGill in the Nov. 8 General Election.