Letter to the editor: The best choice in the election is clear

Though a second term for Donald Trump should be unthinkable, it seems possible that he could win a narrow victory if enough traditionally Democratic voters refuse to vote for Joe Biden.  

Supporters of the Palestinians in the Israel-Hamas war are angered by Biden’s embrace of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. Supporters of Israel consider Biden’s allegiance insufficient. Though this war is an unspeakable horror and catastrophe, the tragedy will be immeasurably compounded if we allow it to decide our presidential election for Trump.

If you cannot summon enthusiasm for Biden, please consider why it is crucial that reasonable Americans emphatically reject Trump, an indicted felon who molests women, pays hush money to porn stars, steals classified documents, cheats in his business dealings, mocks and slanders anyone who disagrees with him, instigated a violent attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, and still spreads lies about the outcome of the 2020 election. 

Trump would give a blank check to Netanyahu and his right-wing government.

Trump would let Russia devour Ukraine.

Trump would abandon NATO countries who do not pay their dues to his satisfaction and let Vladimir Putin do (in Trump’s words) “whatever the hell he wants” to them.

Trump would pardon convicted participants in the 2021 insurrection. 

Do you care about reproductive freedom, marriage equality, minority protections, including LGBTQ, the right to read, think and say what you wish?

Do you care who appoints the next SCOTUS justice(s?)

Do you want to keep Medicare and Medicaid (hopefully with improvements)? How about Social Security?

Do you think we should do what we can to save the environment, end homelessness, make healthcare a human right and higher education affordable?

Should we continue to work for equal rights for all?

This of course is just the beginning of a nearly endless list.

We hear people saying, “I wouldn’t vote for Trump but I won’t vote for Biden.” Though far from perfect, Biden is competent and doing a good job under daunting circumstances. You don’t have to love Biden, but it must be understood that anything other than a vote for him, e.g. a vote withheld to “punish” Biden for whatever perceived shortcomings, a vote for a third-party candidate, or a write-in for someone not on the ballot IS a vote for Trump.  And it’s no exaggeration to say that a vote for Trump is a vote for Netanyahu and Putin and others like them.​ It’s good to express our ideals through words, community participation and peaceful demonstrations; but we have to be pragmatic with our presidential ballots.

Dear fellow citizens: We have one more chance to save the country from Trump as we continue to repair the enormous damage he has already done. Please use your priceless vote with utmost care and influence everyone you can to do the same.

Judy Olinick


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