Letter to the editor: The best choice in the election is clear

Though a second term for Donald Trump should be unthinkable, it seems possible that he could win a narrow victory if enough traditionally Democratic voters refuse to vote for Joe Biden.  

Letter to the editor: Unconscionable acts on both sides in Middle East

How can it be that after all these centuries of “progress,” we humans still try to resolve our differences by killing each other and destroying what we have labored to build?

Letter to the editor: Writer’s healthcare complaints just ‘tip of the iceberg’

In nearly all other affluent, modern countries, healthcare is a recognized human right, partly or wholly subsidized by the state, and available to all at little or no out-of-pocket cost.

Letter to the editor: Keep choice alive in Vermont

Letters and commentaries attacking Article 22/Prop 5 are usually self-contradictory and disingenuous.

Letter to the editor: We must try to fight inequitable healthcare system

Only in the U.S. does the private insurance industry control and profit from every medical interaction while contributing nothing.