Letter to the editor: Library project merits support

Please, Middlebury, say yes on May 7 to funding a renovated and expanded Ilsley Public Library! For years, despite the severe limitations of its current building, Ilsley has been among the most visited libraries in the state. 

Letter to the editor: Time to invest in town’s fabric

There are a few organizations that are critical to the fabric of a community. The library is one of them.

Letter to the editor: Many benefit from the Ilsley

The bond vote for the Ilsley Public Library’s proposed improvements and redesign is one of the most important we can imagine, and it’s a shame that Middlebury must shoulder this responsibility alone when so many of us from other towns are loyal patrons an … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Protester explains recent demonstration

On Monday, April 15, Tax Day!, I participated in a “disruption event” up in Burlington as part of a group of Vermonters who, in solidarity with Palestine, gathered at Burlington’s “Innovation Center” to protest Marvell Technology’s role in Israel’s ongoin … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Widow grateful to community

This is a thank you to everyone in the Middlebury community who helped pick up, support and wait patiently as my husband shuffled through the stores and parking lots, occasionally fell down or struggled to remain upright.

Letter to the editor: Church has space to offer

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church — on the green in Middlebury — would like the community to know that we offer a variety of spaces to nonprofits at no charge.

Letter to the editor: Cable company comes up short

Many, many Vermonters struggled for days without power beginning the night of April 3 … And the crews from Green Mountain Power Company (our provider here in Goshen) worked tirelessly and cheerfully until we all had our power back before the end of that w … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Trump failed on crime, economy

It is difficult for me to understand why anyone would vote for a man who was impeached twice, convicted of tax fraud and sexual abuse, disrespects veterans, and admires Adolf Hitler.

Letter to the editor: Trump makes the country unsafe

There’s a plan coming into focus, the evidence of which is found in his words, blunt, as well as implied. Donald’s threat of violence, a natural precursor to the actual thing, will boost his re-election odds.

Letter to the editor: Videos show horrors in Gaza

“If the American public saw pictures and videos of a one year old baby with ten pieces of shrapnel in their one year old forehead and face or if they saw a twelve year old with no limbs and burnt like an ignored hot dog on the grill, they would open their … (read more)

Letter to the editor: With school budget stories, financial context matters

I disagree with April 11th’s editorial suggesting that school budgets were voted down because they were presented to voters too late.

Letter to the editor: Courage, innovation needed in public education

One third of towns not passing school budgets this year is indicative of real obstacles facing Vermont. I, too, feel the pressure of mounting school costs compounded by the rising costs to live in our state.

Letter to the editor: Voter registration key to preserving democracy

I am a concerned voter in Addison County. I believe that all citizens who are 18 or over should have the right to vote and I am doing all I can to help in that effort.

Letter to the editor: Town support of paper touted

Having recently attended a selectman’s meeting to request they look into the possibility of the town including in their budget, funds to the Addison Independent. I write to those citizens to ask they join me in supporting such an action.

Letter to the editor: Trump is the better choice

I may only be writing this letter with half a brain according to Salisbury’s Bruce Acciavatti. If you read the nastiness of his letter, it shows that his political party cannot reach across the aisle for compromise.