Letter to the editor: Buying ‘American-made’ vehicles not as useful, simple as it seems

Rustan Swenson, in a Feb. 23, letter to the editor, opened up a major can of worms by encouraging us to buy American-made vehicles on Presidents’ Day.

Letter to the editor: Guns & our culture are a risky blend

When I was twelve, my father gave me a shotgun to shoot at quail. I was told they were sporting and a good source of food.

Letter to the editor: Libraries should be better funded, not closed

On Feb. 7, Vermont State University President Parwinder Grewal announced a new decision to transition to an all-digital, university-wide “library” and repurpose the existing library spaces on each campus.

Letter to the editor: Electing Hildie Stone would benefit everyone

I am writing to recommend Hildie Stone for the Bridport seat on the Addison Central School District Board.

Letter to the editor: Makleff and Whelan-Wuest will rebuild trust

As a current Board member myself, I know these two will contribute to building healthy, vibrant, and high-achieving schools across our district that our communities can trust and rely on.

Letter to the editor: ‘Dangerous’ label seems arbitrary

The other day I was traveling in Middlebury and coming off Middle Road to go to the dollar store. I was going to turn in where I usually do, right into the lot.

Letter to the editor: All candidates should get Q&A

Ms. Romp, and indeed the entire ACSD community, was done a disservice by leaving her views out of the Q … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Tri-Town official seeks re-election

I take very seriously my role on the board and understand the importance of providing clean and safe drinking water to our member towns.

Letter to the editor: Little burg hosts a lot of talent

When I got to p.16 of the February edition I yelped out loud, for there was a glowing 3-page feature on Middlebury architect John McLeod — and it’s the second time the magazine has featured his firm.

Letter to the editor: Kramer touted for ACSD panel

As a father of two young children attending school in our district, Chris is fully invested in the future of our schools, the success of our students, and the strength of our towns.

Letter to the editor: Our schools need to be part of the climate solution

All three of our school districts in Addison County, and the Hannaford Career Center, have many substantial buildings that need heat (and air conditioning) and are currently major consumers of fossil fuels.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD and community need to rebuild trust

The past several years have been traumatic for our Mount Abraham Unified School District educational community.

Letter to the editor: Proposal to shutter libraries is very shortsighted

Who needs books anyway? They just clutter up the place. Take up space. All we need today is mindless little cell phone.

Letter to the editor: Socially responsible investments have paid off

Recently I read a statement by a person who argued that divestment, while morally defensible, was a naive choice for older investors who depended on their investments for living expenses.

Letter to the editor: ACSD board candidates Stone, Makleff earn support

The ACSD school board ballot will be very full this year. I am proud to support Hilda Stone and Ron Makleff.