Letter to the editor: Trump is the better choice

I may only be writing this letter with half a brain according to Salisbury’s Bruce Acciavatti (letter to the editor, March 28th). If you read the nastiness of his letter, it shows that his political party cannot reach across the aisle for compromise. They also hate everyone that has a different opinion. He mentions Trump should be put down like a rabid dog. A person walking around in society with that amount of hate should be locked up himself.

Under his man Biden, we lost 13 forgotten soldiers due to Biden’s Afghanistan pull-out. People were chasing U.S. war planes down the runway to jump on and fall to death.

Biden’s America is a very dangerous place to live. Our streets are full of crime, murders, beatings, car jackings and theft.

Bruce mentions the inflation reduction act — has he been to the gas station or grocery store in the past four years? The Trump haters can’t get past their hate to admit how good they had it under four years of President Trump.

Stanley Bigelow

New Haven

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