Letter to the editor: Town support of paper touted

Having recently attended a selectman’s meeting to request they look into the possibility of the town including in their budget, funds to the Addison Independent. I write to those citizens to ask they join me in supporting such an action. This would be done yearly on behalf of our citizens and their need in a democracy for unbiased, solid, reliable information on a regular basis. 

Newspapers across the country are folding due to rise of the digital world and decreased use of newspapers for advertising. Through use of the local retail tax, we might regularly contribute to funding this local source of so much knowledge about our community activities — especially groups like selectmen whose decisions are vital to our function as a town in a democratic manner.

For years, the Independent has served us in this manner in an outstanding way — witness the regularity with which they win journalism awards! And what a help their information was for all Addison County towns in the recent time of annual town meetings. 

Send a letter, email, go on the town website — and join me in calling for such a use of some our local tax funds. Our operation as a community is enhanced weekly by the “Addy Indy!”

Thanks in advance.

Natalie Peters


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