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Letter to the editor: Amy McGlashan is a great asset to the ACSD board

I have worked alongside Amy McGlashan for over 20 years and write to encourage her re-election to the ACSD School Board.

Amy has dedicated her life’s work to supporting the education of students (pre-K through higher education). Over the years, she has helped develop nationally recognized, cutting-edge programs that have been shared and replicated elsewhere.

Amy’s work promotes community-connected teaching and learning, inviting students, teachers and community representatives to work together to help meet community-identified needs and opportunities in ways that also support student development and classroom learning goals. Studies show that this kind of project-based, experiential learning benefits students, teachers and communities, alike, and can help underrepresented students and those with special needs thrive.

Amy has deep roots in Ripton and Addison County, as she has demonstrated. Her work has also been recognized in ways that have provided her with pursuits that span state, regional, national and international communities and organizations. She has presented at conferences and served on various educational boards and committees. We benefit locally from this broad network and expansive perspective.

Amy’s breadth of experience has also included providing professional development and developing curricula for other educators, community members and organizations; overseeing the recognition of students, educators and community organizations; and seeking and distributing funds for educational innovations.

These are very difficult and emotional times. Amy is a voice of reason and will put the needs of our children first, while also safeguarding fiscal responsibility. Many in Ripton will struggle to afford the potential financial burden that is looming.

I recognize and applaud the deep commitment and hard work by all who are attempting mightily to address the Ripton School predicament. I believe, however, that now is not the time for isolation. We cannot retreat with like-minded peers and serve only our few. Our democracy is in possible peril. We must work together, across our communities, to do our collective best, especially for those who are underrepresented and with the greatest need. It is important to model for our children how to collaborate and navigate across difference, providing a shared array of opportunities.

If the Ripton School is sadly closed someday, I am confident that we can and will come together to develop a thriving community center that may well engage even more Ripton families than the few currently served.

I will vote for Amy because she has demonstrated experience, skills and knowledge that are critical to our needs today as we strive to provide the best possible education, support and engagement of and for our children and future citizenry.

Tiffany Nourse Sargent


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