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Letter to the editor: Incumbent ACSD leaders are unbiased, informed

If you are reading this week’s OpEds seeking advice regarding who deserves your vote in the upcoming local election Tuesday, March 1, I am happy to share my thoughts with you. To begin, I encourage you to read “From the candidates: Weybridge and Ripton ACSD seats contested” in the Feb. 17 issue of the Addison Independent. In this article, candidate responses to four prompt questions highlight the candidates’ platforms.

While the candidates’ responses all appear to be coming from a place of caring deeply about education and our school district, the responses shared by ACSD Board incumbents Mary Cullinane and Amy McGlashan demonstrate a deep understanding of the challenges the ACSD Board faces, the facts and reality to make informed decisions, and belief in taking an unbiased approach to ensuring high quality, equitable education for all students in ACSD. Mary Cullinane and Amy McGlashan will certainly be receiving my vote March 1, and I encourage you to consider giving them your vote as well.

Jennifer Nuceder


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