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Letter to the editor: Cullinane and McGlashan will further ACSD’s mission

I am a member of the board for the Addison Central School District, and am writing to express my support for re-election of current ACSD Board members Amy McGlashan of Ripton and Mary Cullinane of Weybridge.

Amy McGlashan is an educator and leader at Middlebury College and has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the PreK-12 students of our community. She served on the Ripton and ACSU School Boards from 2008 to 2013, and was a key player in engaging citizens of our member towns to explore unification into ACSD. She has served on the ACSD Board since 2019, and has been an important advocate for community engagement and equity across our district.

Mary Cullinane brings three decades of education experience to her service with the ACSD Board, and has been steadfast in her role as board chair through the high-profile facilities master planning process and the challenges of the pandemic. She strives to bring people together over complex issues, and her dedication to the youth of our district is evident in every board meeting she leads.

I know that Mary and Amy have both worked to bring the significant economic and enrollment challenges facing ACSD and other local school districts to the forefront of our community conversations — which is neither easy nor popular, particularly in their respective towns. But responding to these challenges is vital to the well-being of our district, and they have diplomatically continued this work, all in the pursuit of long-term financial sustainability to support student success. But beyond their leadership and the years of education experience they each bring to the ACSD Board, Mary and Amy’s insistence on serving the greater good — by which I mean being true to ACSD’s mission and ensuring support for all of our kids across the entire duration of their PreK-12 education — is why they have my vote. I hope you will join me in re-electing both Amy McGlashan and Mary Cullinane to serve our ACSD Community.

Mary Heather Noble


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