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Letter to the editor: Re-elect McGlashan and Cullinane to ACSD board

In an ever more complex and challenging education landscape in Vermont and Addison County, I strongly endorse Amy McGlashan of Ripton and Mary Cullinane of Weybridge for re-election to their seats on the Addison Central School District board.

Amy, a longtime resident, has dedicated years of know-how to public education, serving on the Ripton and Addison Central Supervisory Union boards. More important, she has steadfastly championed the right of every child to receive the learning that best equips them to successfully make their way in the world. Amy has the dedication, deep experience, and skills to serve our youth well. And Amy brings heart to the tough decisions demanded of our times.

Mary’s strong commitment to our public schools and the youth they serve is qualification enough to deserve your vote. And she brings other assets: a relative newcomer, she brings perspectives from beyond Vermont, co-ownership of a downtown Middlebury business, and a keen understanding of the importance of a community of learning. An advocate for our unified school district, Mary has led the ACSD board adroitly through the challenges of school consolidation and the pandemic.

Please re-elect Amy and Mary to our ACSD board for the sake of our kids, their futures, and ours.

John Barstow


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