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Letter to the editor: Ripton’s McGlashan deserves to be re-elected

Please join us in voting to re-elect Amy McGlashan to the ACSD (Addison Central School District) Board. Amy brings experience, commitment and leadership to her work on the ACSD Board. She has served on the boards of the Ripton School and the Addison Central Supervisory Union (2008-2013) and is completing her first term on the newly formed ACSD Board. Throughout this extended engagement with our schools, Amy’s concerns have focused above all on ensuring that all students have what they need to succeed. Her primary commitment has consistently been to reduce the “equity gap,” whereby some students succeed while others are left behind. She is a board member who always thinks first of what is best for the kids.

Through her deep experience on different school boards, Amy has a firm grasp of the major issues facing education in Vermont and Addison County. She has a profound understanding of the many complexities embedded within the challenges the ACSD Board must grapple with, such as how to plan for a future in which the Vermont student population continues to decrease. Amy’s understanding of complex educational issues underpins her leadership, which offers a realistic path to a future in which every student is able to succeed.

A vote for Amy McGlashan is a vote for integrity, reason, and commitment to student success.

Susan Hanson and Perry Hanson


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