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Letter to the editor: Cullinane, Malcolm, McGlashan best ACSD choices

Voting is one of the most important contributions we as citizens make to the workings of our community. I encourage everyone to vote in our local municipal and school board elections in March. I currently serve on the Addison Central School Board and want to encourage everyone to become familiar with the work of the ACSD board. In addition to our mission of providing an innovative, rigorous and supportive educational community, we remain focused on ensuring that all students receive equitable opportunities throughout the district. Educational funds are finite, and the board and the administration must make informed, sage decisions on how best to allocate these funds. A report describing the research generated thus far by the Facilities Master Plan highlights the challenges the board and community must address.

Sitting on the ACSD Board for the last five years has broadened my understanding of the critical issues facing our local schools, and the decisions before the board are daunting. I would like to endorse three incumbent candidates for your vote to continue on the ACSD School Board.

Mary Cullinane (Weybridge), the board chair, has a wonderful ability to consider different perspectives and then lead the members to consensus. We are all grateful for the experience and clarity she brings to board functions.

Amy McGlashan (Ripton) has a deep understanding of the challenge of providing educational opportunities to diverse communities. She masterfully educates us in the nuances of differing points of view. ACSD is fortunate she continues to offer her contribution.

James Malcolm, M.D., (Middlebury). As a 15-year veteran of the Middlebury MS/HS (1985-2000) school board (including five years as chair), Dr. Malcolm has a wealth of institutional knowledge. His practical advice keeps us grounded in the reality of what the community will support.

Board meetings are open to the public and welcome community engagement.

Mary Gill


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