Growing grain is returning to the Champlain Valley

New England was once the breadbasket of the United States, however, the Northern Grain Growers Association tells us that Vermont has not grown grains on a large scale since the 19th century.

Reap and Sow: Changing course, resiliency, and feeding communities

Since its start in 2019, the story of Matt Lasser’s farm, Reap and Sow, has been defined by having to pivot: to new land, new business models, and new partnerships.

Real Organic debates foundations

What comes to mind when you think of organically-grown produce and organic dairy products? Does it conjure a pastoral scene with fields of fertile soil dotted with lush, healthy plants and happily grazing cows?

How to think about food security in the post-pandemic era

The Covid-19 Pandemic pushed food insecurity in Vermont and the nation to levels not seen in decades, well above the peak of 14% in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and recession.

ACORN Food Hub meets needs of farmers and food producers

In early January 2023, Lindsey Berk, ACORN’s Executive Director, and Jess Purks, its Food Hub Manager, loaded up over $2,000 of local food in a delivery van at the new ACORN Food Hub in Middlebury.

Migrant Justice’s Milk With Dignity campaign rallies on

Migrant Justice is a farmworker-led organization leading the charge in advocating for dignified living and working conditions for immigrant farmworkers.

Welcome to the Local Food & Farm Guide 2022

Recently, during a Farm to School meeting, the term “Sense of Place” was mentioned a few times. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard that term, but a question kept echoing in my mind. What does it mean for one to have a Sense of Place?

A vision of hope & resilience motivates Earthkeep Farmcommon

A multi-faceted collective now occupying the former Nordic Farm dairy property in Charlotte demands the attention of three communities interested in the future of foods and farms in Vermont:

Behind the scenes with grocers

The term “supply chain” has been tossed around a lot this year as an explanation for empty grocery store shelves and disruptions to everyday life.

Can we regenerate our watersheds?

I am skeptical that those of us trained in western science should make claims about regeneration of the land or water.

Agroforestry helping farmers prep for climate change

Agroforestry practitioner Meghan Giroux is in a hurry to get as many trees planted on farms as possible, to help build resilience to climate change.

Young entrepreneur uses biodynamics to make her wine

For someone whose business is literally planted in a small patch of Vermont soil, Camila Carrillo has connections all around the world.

Local Food & Farm Guide: Soil, regenerative agriculture & health

2020 was a year of shock and trauma. COVID-19 forced us to confront our worst fears as the world we once knew fell away. Everything came to a hard stop, disrupting lives, dreams, and routines. The pace of life slowed down to a walk. We cocooned.I locked d … (read more)

Local Food & Farm Guide: Cutting Hill, A Cornwall beef company

When Ramsay and Caroline Mellish moved their farming business from Newport Center to 380 acres of rolling pasture and fields off South Bingham Street in Cornwall five years ago they started to diversify from organic dairy into raising beef cattle under th … (read more)

Local Food & Farm Guide: Golden Russet focuses on soil health

“Regenerative agriculture” may be the latest term to describe a system of sustainable farming that has become popular with the environmentally conscious consumer, but for some farmers, it’s simply the most obvious path.Will and Judy Stevens established Go … (read more)