Letter to the editor: Kramer earns election support

Chris Kramer stands out to me because he has been deeply involved in board issues over the last four years.

Letter to the editor: Lawton launched water sampling

I am writing to thank the Addison Independent and Marin Howell on a generous article regarding my involvement and retirement from Addison County Riverwatch Collaborative. 

Letter to the editor: Migrant workers poorly depicted

I am disappointed at the Addison Independent’s decision to publish the Jan. 12 article “Local migrant worker cited for helping Mexicans cross border without papers” by Mike Donoghue, which struck me as dehumanizing in its portrayal of migrant workers from … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Bridport woman announces run for ACSD seat

Bridport is a town many talk about around here, but not as many folks really know.

Letter to the editor: House members broke the law

Why is it that political elected members of Legislature and U.S. House of Representatives who supported and maintain loyalty to Donald Trump are still sitting members lauding his illegal activities?

Letter to the editor: Thinking about climate change

If you believe in climate change as I do, I refer you to the New Yorker publication “The Fragile Earth.”

Letter to the editor: ACSD candidate in it for students

In Cornwall, I’ve dedicated much of my time over the past four years to helping improve our school. We’re very fortunate at our school to have a congenial, supportive, and friendly culture.

Letter to the editor: Save Our Schools group shares educational values

Over the last few years, many of us have strived to provide the students of the Addison Central School District (ACSD) with a strong education.

Letter to the editor: HOPE is thankful for all the community support

On behalf of everyone at HOPE — staff, constituents, board — a hearty thank you to the fabulous women who once again ran our holiday shop.

Letter to the editor: Vergennes Lions thankful for area support

At the beginning of December, there were very few toys coming into the Red Barrels around the community for the Lions annual Toys for Kids giveaway.

Letter to the editor: Today’s GOP poses a real threat to democracy

At first glance, the spectacle of watching the GOP’s string of what seems to be obvious failures to govern is laughable entertainment to serious intelligent patriots.

Letter to the editor: Police logs sometimes contain a chuckle or two

Not since “Police Squad” and the “Naked Gun” films has the serious work of law enforcement been told with such effervescent, affectionate, deadpan humor.

Letter to the editor: Middlebury Airport planning ignores some realities

I do not believe this plan represents the best interests of the town and its residents, nor is it a sound use of taxpayer dollars.

Letter to the editor: Proposed Affordable Heat Act contains hidden tax

It’s a laudable objective. But the bill goes about this reduction in an extremely complicated and expensive way.

Letter to the editor: College fighting noise ordinance

Come to the Jan. 24th meeting, don’t let the selectboard acquiesce to the College’s desires like they did on Aug. 23.