Letter to the editor: Don’t forget Orwell grads

Yes, it’s true, but often forgotten, the town of Orwell is in Addison County. The Addison Independent’s coverage of the four high schools, they say are located within Addison County was wonderful and much appreciated. Note though that Otter Valley is in Rutland County. Including students of Orwell, which is in Addison County, most of whom attend Fair Haven High School, which happens to be in Rutland County, will be a welcomed bonus next time around. Sometimes many in the Town of Orwell sort of live with a s … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Proposal to shutter libraries is very shortsighted

Who needs books anyway? They just clutter up the place. Take up space. All we need today is mindless little cell phone.

Letter to the editor: Proposed Affordable Heat Act contains hidden tax

It’s a laudable objective. But the bill goes about this reduction in an extremely complicated and expensive way.

Letter to the editor: ‘Vermont Public’ moniker falls short on many levels

The new name, “Vermont Public” for the newly consolidated Vermont Public Radio and TV, is an affront to our literary sensibilities.

Letter to the editor: Vermont’s bottle-deposit system should be left alone

Please do not change the bottle deposit system we now have in Vermont. It is working!

Letter to the editor: Don’t mess with the bottle-deposit system

To the Citizens of Vermont and their Legislature: Please do not change the bottle deposit system we now have in Vermont. The bottle deposit system of today is working. The recycling of other bottles is working. Please leave things alone. Adding non-carbon … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Police should work together

Article in Addison Independent, Jan. 14: “MIDDLEBURY — Addison County Sheriff Peter Newton is seeking community support in raising $1.5 million to transform his organization into a one-stop shop for law enforcement and community services ranging from jump … (read more)