Letter to the editor: Police should work together

Article in Addison Independent, Jan. 14: “MIDDLEBURY — Addison County Sheriff Peter Newton is seeking community support in raising $1.5 million to transform his organization into a one-stop shop for law enforcement and community services ranging from jump-starting stranded cars to connecting people with mental health and addiction counseling…”
Article in Addison Independent, Jan. 21: “VERGENNES — Vergennes Police Chief George Merkel, along with a dozen area nonprofits and state agencies, is working on bringing to northern Addison County a collaborative effort among social services and police that Merkel and others believe will better serve area residents … More than a dozen entities have signed onto what organizers have dubbed Addison County Project Vision North, which will require no new funding — just enhanced cooperation, according to Merkel.”
The Jan. 21 article doesn’t mention the Sheriff’s Department being involved with the Vision North project. Why not? Why does the sheriff need $1.5 million, when Vision North requires no new funding?
Hopefully all involved with these important public service and safety issues will eventually all be working together.
Paul Stone

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