Letter to the editor: ‘Vermont Public’ moniker falls short on many levels

The new name, “Vermont Public” for the newly consolidated Vermont Public Radio and TV, is an affront to our literary sensibilities.

“Vermont Public,” says nothing, means nothing, is not the Vermont public, does not represent nor speak for the public citizens of Vermont.

“Vermont Public,” what? Who? Why can’t the new name describe what the newly consolidated thing is?

American Public Media and Delaware Public Media have the good sense to add a descriptor to inform us of what they are.

Even Vermont Public Classical has added “Classical” to give us a fitting description of what they are.

I wrote to “Vermont Public,” objecting to the new name. Their reply:

“We spent a lot of time — two years — thinking deeply and talking long and hard about what these changes mean for everyone who cares so deeply about VPR and Vermont PBS. We believe the new name honors our legacies, while making it clear that we are one organization.

Hard to believe it took two years to make such a blunder. The new name is ignorant, just plain dumb. It doesn’t honor anything. It doesn’t tell us anything about what “Vermont Public,” actually is. Vermont Public trucking company, or canoe rentals, or public restrooms, or ?

The new name makes me cringe every time I hear it, forcing me to turn off the radio and TV during station breaks.

Please add something like “Media” to the name so we all know what you are.

Paul Stone


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