Food benefits will fall short, advocates say

MIDDLEBURY — Individuals and families who rely on 3SquaresVT — the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in Vermont — will get some good news and bad news beginning Oct. 1.First, the good news: SNAP benefits are slated to increase by 25% in order to better reflect current food prices, what Americans typically eat, dietary guidance, and the nutrients in food items, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.Now the bad news, according anti-hunger advocates: The looming SNAP b … (read more)

Local Food & Farm Guide: Meet the people who provide local food relief

The COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying economic dislocations made the problems that some Vermonters have with food insecurity all too obvious. As is outlined in the accompanying story (see Page 52), some creative alternative avenues for distributing f … (read more)

Local Food & Farm Guide: Community solutions to rising rates of food insecurity

The COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying economic dislocations made the problems that some Vermonters have with food insecurity all to obvious. Thankfully, a variety of local efforts have sprung up in the past year to address food insecurity in Addison … (read more)

Salisbury school takes on food insecurity

SALISBURY — A refrigerated truck parked behind the Salisbury Community School belongs to the Addison Central School District and comes as a result of grant money to be put toward food security. The truck houses frozen meals prepared during the week, to be … (read more)

Vt. Coffee Co’s Ralston launches nonprofit

MIDDLEBURY — The sale of Vermont Coffee Company to Maine-based Stonewall Kitchen should pay dividends to Addison County for years to come. Not only will the transaction preserve and grow local jobs (see related story), it will result in the creation of a … (read more)

‘Everyone Eats’ fills a void — with food and good will

MIDDLEBURY — For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has served up a heaping helping of fear. The fear of catching a virus that has thus far infected more than 4,100 Vermonters, killing 69. But COVID-19 has also left a lot of us with a void — in our hearts becaus … (read more)

ACORN creates virtual farmers’ market

MIDDLEBURY — COVID-19 is affecting the food supply chain in unprecedented ways. Supply and demand are out of balance on a global, regional and local scale. Vermont, however, is fortunate to have an abundance of local food producers ready to help feed the … (read more)

Foodbank and National Guard to provide meals

VERMONT — The Vermont Foodbank and Vermont National Guard will distribute food to those in need at five different areas of Vermont beginning on Wednesday, April 22. These points of distribution will help ease demand on food shelves around that state that … (read more)

Food insecurity hits college students, too

MIDDLEBURY — Hunger often conjures images of a family huddled together over bowls of meager soup, while cobwebs grow over an empty larder. But hunger has many faces — including those of college students, some of whom aren’t able to consume enough food as … (read more)

Migrant farmworkers face food insecurity

MIDDLEBURY — Migrant farmworkers in Vermont are more likely to be food insecure than most Vermonters, but the reasons why are not as simple as having too few financial resources. A host of factors, among them long hours and a constant and justified fear o … (read more)