Clippings: Meditation on a hoop in the woods

On his first day on the job at Bard College, my son David met Mackie, the director of admissions. It was love at first sight and it blossomed: after a year, they bought a house near campus and then married last summer. It’s a great house, with a path through the woods to the school, just a mile away, and views to the west of the Hudson and the Catskills that bring to mind the expansive landscapes of the Hudson River School. The house has acres of yard and fields and trees that will require a serious effort … (read more)

Clippings by Karl Lindholm: They’re just dogs — or are they?

I tire at times of people who rhapsodize about their dogs, posting pictures on social media and making every conversation dog-talk. “They’re dogs,” I grumble. “Animals. Not people. They lick their genitals, in public. They live to eat and poop and hump. T … (read more)

Clippings by Emma Cotton: Truths are found through listening

I appreciate journalism as an occupation because it provides an opportunity to dive into perspectives I wouldn’t otherwise have a reason to understand. Sources open the door and allow reporters to question personal details about their lives. As farmers ar … (read more)

Clippings by Nora Peachin: Fighting for the local food system

When I was applying to colleges, I spent a good amount of time poking around on different institutions’ websites. Scrolling through Middlebury College’s newsfeed, I stumbled upon a video about a student-run nonprofit — Middlebury Foods. The video opened w … (read more)