Letter to the editor: Hanley a model police leader

Not many towns or cities in the United States get the benefit of 30 years from a police chief, and especially one who so embodies the “protect and serve” philosophy, with a heavy emphasis on the “serve” part.

Letter to the editor: Charter House thanks retiring Middlebury police chief

We know we presented unique challenges for you. You often had to bring desperate and directionless people to our door. From time to time, we called on you to help with a situation in our congregate living home. 

Middlebury police chief prepares to retire

Middlebury Police Chief Tom Hanley has confirmed he’ll retire from the force later this year after 32 transformational years of service to the department and the community.

Police warn of thefts of checks from Postal Service mailboxes in Addison County

Police say don’t mail checks in outside mailboxes.

Hanley named top emergency management director

The Vermont Emergency Management Agency has just named Middlebury Police Chief Tom Hanley the state’s “Emergency Management Director of the Year.”

Hanley named top emergency management director

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury Police Chief Tom Hanley has won legions of local fans for his like-clockwork Emergency Management Bulletins through which he has kept area residents informed about all things COVID-19 during the seemingly interminable pandemic.His … (read more)

Police Chief Hanley suffers heart attack

MIDDLEBURY —  Middlebury Police Chief Tom Hanley is recovering following a heart attack suffered during the morning of Friday, April 2. During a brief email exchange with the Independent Monday morning, the chief said he also sustained a sprained knee and … (read more)

Local police on alert after mayhem at Capitol

VERMONT — In the wake of Tuesday’s announcement by Middlebury College that it would revoke Rudy Giuliani’s 2005 honorary degree, the Middlebury Police Department and the college public safety officials are on alert and “keeping the lines of communication … (read more)

COVID guide: Visualizing a new Middlebury in 2021

Let’s speak of a vision. As we sit mired in all things COVID, it may be difficult to envision Middlebury in 2021. But let’s look past the pandemic to a place we’d all rather be. As we course through 2021 with a re-invigorated spirit, we won’t accept maski … (read more)

Chief Hanley: Hate speech is not free speech

The torture and murder of George Floyd by malignant police officers once again shocked and continues to shock the consciousness of the nation and the world. When oppressed, it is only natural and justifiable to rise up against the oppressor. But what abou … (read more)

Midd Police Chief Hanley: Rein in this culture of bigotry

“Black Lives Matter” — of course they do. But this is more than a slogan to be tucked away until yet another tragedy occurs, where we get a sense that in some minds black lives do not matter. And with that I condemn those rogue police officers who belie t … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Middlebury police chief weighs in on Floyd case

George Floyd died after being taken into custody by officers of the Minneapolis Police Department. My initial familiarity with this case began with media images and reports. I see Mr. Floyd, handcuffed behind his back, face down on the pavement, next to a … (read more)

Chief Hanley informs and entertains with his COVID-19 bulletins

If you’re on the town of Middlebury mailing list, you probably feel like you’ve gotten to know Emergency Management Director Tom Hanley pretty well over the last couple months. Hanley, who is also the Middlebury police chief, is responsible for those very … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Chief Hanley is a great leader

We have many treasures here in Middlebury. One of them is the Addison Independent, which Stephen Terry rightly praised so highly in his Community Forum column April 30. Another treasure is Tom Hanley, Middlebury Police Chief and Emergency Management Direc … (read more)

Police Chief Hanley quashes COVID-19 rumors

MIDDLEBURY — The town of Middlebury released the following statement from Middlebury Police Chief and Emergency Management Director Tom Hanley yesterday regarding rumors swirling about COVID-19.  There have been efforts recently to propagate fear and diss … (read more)