Ways of Seeing: July 4 response gave hope

I remember how, for so many years, I was desperate to “do something” on the 4th of July, mainly to escape from New York City, where the ever-putrescent smell of summer in the city rises from baking black asphalt, the heat and smell shimmering together in waves, the consecutive nights of firecrackers sounding like gunshots or maybe they were gunshots, certainly there were some on many of the other 364 nights of the year … but yes, desperate for an escape to someone’s country house or lake house or beach ho … (read more)

July 4 celebrations set for this week

ADDISON COUNTY & BRANDON — This is the week for booming fireworks, riveting parades, mouthwatering treats and inspiring displays of red, white and blue. The Land of Milk and Honey will be awash in Fourth of July sights, sounds and activities — enough that … (read more)

Consider dog safety on July 4

Now that summer is here, the Fourth of July is right around the corner. While this is generally a favorite holiday for people, it can be very stressful and dangerous for pets. Firework shows, barbeques, and high temperatures can all pose issues for our co … (read more)

Editorial: Honoring the Fourth of July

As we approach the nation’s Fourth of July celebration this year, it’s worth noting the reason: the 13 colonies declared their independence from Great Britain, to escape what they considered the heavy hand of the British empire. In the ensuing struggle to … (read more)