Middlebury PD to take up sheriff dispatching

The Middlebury Police Department has tentatively agreed to provide dispatching services for the Addison County Sheriff’s Department (ACSD), a relationship that could lead to a deeper discussion of a regional dispatching service that could serve all the county’s municipal law enforcement agencies.

Top Ten 2022: Police arrest sheriff

The hammer came down on June 28, when troopers after a months-long investigation arrested Newton on charges of felony sexual assault, second-degree unlawful restraint and domestic assault.

Michael Elmore tapped to move up to sheriff’s post

Elmore won 8,177 (44.45%) of the 18,396 votes cast, prevailing over fellow candidates Gerald Grant of Addison and Mark Stacey of Leicester. Grant received 3,807 (20.69%) of the votes and Stacey won 3,105 votes (16.88%).

Stacey seeks return to the sheriff’s department

Mark Stacey, a veteran police officer, is one of three candidates vying to replace incumbent sheriff Peter Newton.

Letter to the editor: Stacey, Vekos touted for sheriff, court positions

Mark is a veteran police officer from Vergennes who boasts that among his proudest accomplishments in his long career is never having a physical altercation with a civilian.

Letter to the editor: Bristol police chief endorses Stacey for sheriff

I have had the pleasure, honor and privilege to work with Mark Stacey at the Addison County Sheriff’s Department.

Letter to the editor: Elect Elmore as next sheriff

Mike is a born leader.

Letter to the editor: Stacey is best choice for Addison County sheriff

Not only is Mark a close friend; he is also a valued member of the Vergennes Police Department. 

Letter to the editor: Grant touted for county sheriff

Gerald Grant was born and raised in Addison County and is known for his honesty, integrity and the respect he has for the people of this community.

GOP taps Michael Elmore for sheriff

Addison’s Michael Elmore easily prevailed over Ron Holmes of Middlebury, 1,199 to 646, in Tuesday’s Republican primary for Addison County sheriff.

Letter to the editor: Holmes should be new sheriff

I am writing to endorse Ron Holmes, the best candidate for Sheriff of Addison County. Ron places the importance of good citizenship over showmanship!

Letter to the editor: Elmore has proven he’s the right choice for sheriff

We are writing to encourage you to vote for Michael Elmore for Sheriff. Not only because he is already functionally running day-to-day of the sheriff department, but also because of our direct experience with him the past year. To make a long story short, … (read more)

Two towns ask sheriff to resign

The selectboards of at least two Addison County communities have joined the chorus of calls for Addison County Sheriff Peter Newton’s resignation in wake of his arrest last month on two felony sexual assault charges.

Letter to the editor: Holmes is the best pick for sheriff

I believe with his experience as a deputy for over 20 years he is the best person for the job.

Letter to the editor: Elmore is exemplar of commitment and integrity

I am a retired Trooper and have worked in and around Law Enforcement for more than a quarter century.