Letter to the editor: Elmore is exemplar of commitment and integrity

I am writing this letter to voice my unwavering support for Mike Elmore in the upcoming race for Addison County Sheriff. I am a retired Trooper and have worked in and around Law Enforcement for more than a quarter century. In that time, I have had the great honor to work with men and women who possessed great commitment to serving their communities and displayed the highest of moral integrity. In my experience none have shown greater dedication to these ideals than Mike Elmore.

The experience Mike has gained by taking on greater and greater responsibilities within the Sheriff’s Department will allow him to hit the ground running and allow service to the various towns and citizens of Addison County to continue without interruption.

As the only police officer running for the position Mike is uniquely situated to understand the needs of the community, the welfare of the department and the best way forward to work in partnership with other community organizations. The quiet and steady leadership Mike has shown in hard times speaks to his ability to problem solve and overcome obstacles, but just as important is the same type of leadership he shows when times are not so hard. It is the same quiet and steady approach, a commitment to doing the right thing tempered by compassion and kindness that assures me he is the right man for the job.

I have no doubt that as Sheriff Mike Elmore will serve the citizens of Addison County, work daily to keep them safe, be a strong partner to and leader within the community, and an example of decency, values, and compassion we can all be proud of.

Please join me in supporting Mike Elmore for Addison County Sheriff.

CJ Campbell


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