Letter to the editor: Holmes should be new sheriff

I am writing to endorse Ron Holmes, the best candidate for Sheriff of Addison County. Ron places the importance of good citizenship over showmanship! Ron has several years of experience in law enforcement and is honest, ethical, and makes good judgment in assessing situations that need a quick response. Ron has a great desire to keep the community safe for students and seniors, and all those who fall in between.

Raised in Addison County, Holmes, is at home in this position of Sheriff. He knows the people, he knows the problems, and he knows the probability of good deeds vs. bad deeds. If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t. Crime can happen at any level of society, and no one is above the law. Holmes will work well with law enforcement agencies from other towns to ensure that community members are safe and that issues are addressed.

Don’t get persuaded by balloons, T- Shirts, buttons or bumper stickers. Choose substance and sensibility over marketing and media. Experience speaks volumes.

Holmes is the home Candidate!

James Peck


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