Letter to the editor: Stacey is best choice for Addison County sheriff

I write this letter of endorsement for Mark Stacey in his election campaign for Addison County sheriff. 

I have had the good fortune of having known and worked with Mark Stacey for several years in his capacity both as an Addison County deputy sheriff and as a patrolman for the Vergennes Police Department. Not only is Mark a close friend; he is also a valued member of the Vergennes Police Department. 

Mark has many positive attributes, both personal and professional. He is a great husband, father and grandfather. Mark has handled personal challenges in his life in a remarkable manner and with honor and class, and it is clear his family is his top priority in life. He has dedicated a large portion of his life to public service, to include serving as a selectboard member for the town of Leicester, and a law enforcement officer. He is a person who possesses great integrity. If he tells you he is going to do something, you can count on it to be done. He treats every person with respect and courtesy, and he is as friendly of a person who you could hope to meet. Mark takes those same personal values to his profession as a police officer. He is a an incredibly outgoing and friendly officer who continuously takes the extra step to assist someone in need. He is a diligent worker and takes his position of Addison County Traffic Safety Coordinator seriously. As an instructor for the Safe Operator’s Program for offenders, he is well received by those who take the course as well as other instructors from the Addison County Restorative Justice Program. Mark has also played an integral part of the Project Vision North Program, serving the community of Vergennes through an innovative and highly successful program started two years ago between local law enforcement and social service agencies. His personality and compassion enabled him to handle difficult family situations, bringing them to a peaceful conclusion.

Mark has the capability to carry the Addison County Sheriff’s Department forward with his strong and positive leadership, as well as with a sound moral and ethical background. With over 20 years of law enforcement experience, he has handled a broad spectrum of civil and criminal complaints. He is well respected by both local and state law enforcement personnel, and he has managed the Addison County Traffic Safety Coordinator program well, bringing praise from state highway safety representatives. His previous civilian employment as the manager of a local car dealership has shown he has the business acumen to successfully handle the financial challenges of running the Addison County Sheriff’s Department.

It is easy for someone to lead an organization when things are going well. It takes a strong leader who can make sound, timely and difficult decisions, as well as take appropriate action, during times of turbulence. Mark Stacey is that type of leader. Please vote for Mark Stacey for the position of Addison County sheriff.

George P. Merkel

New Haven

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