Letter to the editor: Vermont connection comes through in DMV case

Editor’s note: The writer was the reporter/assistant news editor of The Reporter newspaper in Brandon, and a Bristol resident, until this past October. As a former Vermont resident who now resides in Texas, I often look back on my time in Vermont with fondness. Especially when I look at the growing coronavirus numbers in my current state or when I’m reminded of how Vermonters will go out of their way to help each other. I finally made it to the DMV to get my Texas driver license last month (the earliest app … (read more)

OV board proposes new class size policy

BRANDON — The Otter Valley Unified Union school board held the first reading of a new classroom viability policy at its meeting on Oct. 16. The board approved the policy unanimously, but it will still need to be approved at the second reading next month b … (read more)

80-year-old Goshen rider joins an elite group

GOSHEN — “Dressage” is a French term most commonly translated as “training.” It is a highly skilled form of horse riding where the rider shows their mastery by having the horse perform a series of movements with very subtle cues. Dressage competitions var … (read more)

Otter Valley honors new Hall of Famers

BRANDON — The Otter Valley Hall of Fame introduced 12 new members during halftime of Saturday’s Otter Valley Union High School homecoming football game. The newbies included eight athletes, a coach, two teachers and an administrator. Honorees were selecte … (read more)

Fred Hansen works hard to make camping fun

BRANDON — Fred Hansen spends his winters in Florida, but he doesn’t enjoy his time there as much as the summers in Vermont. In fact, he hates it. “I hate going to Florida,” Hansen said. “There’s nothing to do there. You just sit around or go out to eat, a … (read more)

Fred Putnam finds sweet success with buzzy second career

BRANDON — Bees must visit 2 million flowers to produce a single pound of honey. So when beekeeper Fred Putnam Jr. says he expects to collect nearly a ton of honey this year, he’s talking about almost 4 billion flower visits. But the bees aren’t doing all … (read more)

Writers find a home through Ruth Stone House

GOSHEN — Many historic movements in poetry have begun with one or two poets coming together and drawing in other poets with the gravity of their words. They bounce ideas off one another and work together to develop and shape their art to perfection. The B … (read more)

Lincoln couple buys New England Maple Museum

PITTSFORD — The New England Maple Museum, on Route 7 in Pittsford, has been open for four decades, but until recently the future of the museum was in jeopardy. New owners Tom and Rhonda Gadhue said they are not only trying to keep the museum alive, but ar … (read more)

Brandon signs a new trash handler

BRANDON — The town of Brandon has a new solid waste transfer station operator. After months of negotiating with the current operators of the town’s garbage and recycling transfer station — Earth, Waste and Metal, or EWM — the two sides could not agree on … (read more)

Police looking for man who robbed Brandon bank

BRANDON — The lone man robbed the Heritage Family Credit Union in Brandon on Monday afternoon. Brandon police are asking merchants in the area to examine $100 bills they receive in case they find one from the robbery. One of the bills was a $100 bill that … (read more)

Brandon loses key employee over $22K check

BRANDON — Brandon Public Works Director Daryl Burlett resigned effective Aug. 22. The departure comes less than a month after a town payment to Burlett — in the amount of $22,011 — came under scrutiny at the July 29 selectboard meeting. The issue was not … (read more)

At Otter Valley, concerns raised over hunger, equity

BRANDON — A snapshot from the state of how local schools performed on state tests show a sharp disparity in performances between those on free and reduced-price lunches and those who are not on the program. Now, a new change in federal law could compound … (read more)

Brandon teen builds character on the track

BRANDON — For most teenagers, the summer before their senior year of high school is a time for hanging out with friends, enjoying time without worrying about their studies and relaxing in the warm weather. For Alyza McKeighan, a rising senior at Otter Val … (read more)

Rite Aid stores transition to Walgreens

ADDISON COUNTY AND BRANDON — The effects of a $4 billion business deal announced in 2017 are just now rippling through our part of Vermont. Rite Aid stores in Brandon, Bristol and Middlebury last week hung signs or banners announcing the new name of the r … (read more)

Ruptured sewer pipe nets $12,000 fine to Brandon

BRANDON — A ruptured sewer line in downtown Brandon that led to over 3 million gallons of untreated sewage to flow directly into the Neshobe River in late February 2018 resulted in a $12,000 fine against the town. The Agency of Natural Resources Departmen … (read more)