Brandon tax rate up 3 cents

BRANDON — The municipal tax rate in Brandon will see an increase of about 3 percent this coming fiscal year, rising from last year’s 93 cents per $100 of assessed property value to 96 cents this year. The breakdowns for the 2019- 2020 tax rates are 80 cents for the town budget, 6 cents for various voter-approved appropriations and 8 cents for the fire district. The education tax rates have been calculated by the state and come out to $1.33 for homeowners and $1.55 for non-residents per $100. With education … (read more)

New hemp plants sprout up in local market

PITTSFORD — “Our secret’s out,” grinned Sam Markowski as he surveyed a dirt field full of different farm equipment. “We’re growing hemp up here in Pittsford.” A close relative of the marijuana plant, hemp looks and smells just like it, but is absent the m … (read more)

Brandon scientist releases ‘Odd’ novel

BRANDON — A research professor in Brandon has taken a skill he developed as a scientist and used it to pivot into writing works of fiction. Gary Meffe is releasing a book that captures the feel of life in rural Vermont so well you would think he was a lif … (read more)

Davenport Solar, landowners reach agreement

BRANDON — Davenport Solar LLC has reached an agreement with the landowners adjacent to their proposed new solar site near Syndicate Road and West Creek Road in Brandon and also with the state. The agreement clears the way for a certificate of public good … (read more)

Neshobe Elementary School identifies and addresses radon infiltration

BRANDON — School administrators are assuring parents of students at Neshobe Elementary that they are taking steps to mitigate the dangers of elevated radon gas levels in the Brandon building. In the district’s letter to parents last Wednesday, Rutland Nor … (read more)