Film celebrates the journey of Negro League baseball

Next week, Thursday, Nov. 16, at 7 p.m., the 2023-2024 MNFF Selects Monthly Movie Screening Series continues with a presentation of “The League,” at Town Hall Theater in Middlebury.

Karl Lindholm: The third front of baseball’s integration: Trois Rivières, 1946

Road trip to Trois Rivières, Quebec, for a ballgame. At least that was the plan.

Karl Lindholm: Vic Power & Piper Davis: Should have been first!

One thing the Red Sox and Yankees had in common, historically, was a reluctance to sign dark-skinned players after the historic breakthrough in 1947 of Jackie Robinson with the Dodgers and Larry Doby with the Indians. 

Karl Lindholm: The Pride of Memphis: Larry, Lefty, and Charley

The latest in a series of columns inspired by the centennial of baseball’s Negro Leagues. In any discussion of race and baseball, Red Sox don’t fare very well — that is, the Boston Red Sox. We all know by now that the Red Sox were the last Major League te … (read more)

Karl Lindholm: Satch, Fleet, and Diz: The “Porous” color line

Editor’s note: This is the latest in a series inspired by the centennial this year of baseball’s Negro Leagues. Baseball, the American version of the British games of cricket and rounders, began in an organized fashion in the United States with actual con … (read more)

Karl Lindholm: Charley and Doc Sykes, sportsmen of character and integrity

Editor’s note: This is the latest in a series inspired by the centennial of baseball’s Negro Leagues. “Whether confronting the challenges of world population growth or the nutritional needs of children, building a hospital or overseeing disaster relief, y … (read more)

Karl Lindholm: Jackie, then Larry: Pumpsie was first. Who was second?

Latest in a series of reflections inspired by the 2020 centennial of Baseball’s Negro Leagues. Larry Doby was the second Black player in the major leagues, first appearing for the Cleveland Indians on July 5, 1947, just 10 weeks after Jackie Robinson’s de … (read more)

Karl Lindholm: Fortitude, creativity and excellence: “We Are the Ship”

Editor’s note: Third in a series on the centennial of baseball’s Negro leagues. Perhaps you have seen the cover of the New Yorker magazine from June 22. It has been widely circulated. This cover is a stunning portrait of George Floyd, from his head to his … (read more)