Voters get 2nd look at OV budget; revote is Tuesday

Voters in the Brandon area on April 30 will get a second chance to approve a fiscal year 2025 spending plan for the Otter Valley Unified Union schools.

Pig Race revived at Blueberry Hill

Party cloudy skies with temps in the high 40s — plus an 8-inch snowfall the weekend before — created a near-perfect setting for the revival of Blueberry Hill’s famous Pig Race, which had run continuously from 1972 through 2007 under the direction of the l … (read more)

Michele Fay Band performs for Pizza by the Pond in Goshen

‏The Michele Fay Band will be performing at Blueberry Hill Inn, in Goshen, on Thursday, Aug. 17, from 6-8 p.m., for the “Pizza by the Pond” series.

Letter to the editor: ‘Petty spat’ was a non-story

Regarding your story on Goshen being divided, it must have been a slow news day.

Letter to the editor: Goshen must heal division

I’ve lived in Goshen for over 40 years, interrupted only by a brief stay nearby. I knew there were complaints about the roads and the appearance of the town garage and town hall downstairs

Editorial: Ruckus in Goshen or fair game?

The tiny town of Goshen, population less than 200, made the news recently because of a mass exodus of town officials over a short period of time.

Letter to the editor: New Goshen selectboard has accomplished a lot

Bill, Tammy and Thomasina have gone above and beyond to enhance our community and have accomplished a lot in a short time.

Letter to the editor: Road fixes, changes in Goshen appreciated

What’s the big fuss? Changes in Goshen are for the better.

Letter to the editor: Goshen residents thankful for road improvements

I purchased our land on Lady Slipper Lane from Tony Clark in 1984, 39 years ago. Like other residents we appreciate the beauty and serenity of Goshen. 

Letter to the editor: Goshen officials improving town

Since Bill Mathis, Thomasina Magoon and Tammy Walsh were given the helm of Goshen governance I have seen only improvement and renewal in our tiny town.

Letter to the editor: Goshen article lacked depth

As a resident of Goshen, I was deeply disappointed by the publication of the July 6 article titled “Big fuss in tiny Goshen leads to officials’ exodus.” In my view, the article lacked depth and balance. It was striking to me that the reporter failed to in … (read more)

Big fuss in tiny Goshen leads to officials’ exodus

Town Clerk Rosemary McKinnon walked into the town office with a broken arm in a sling one day last month and found this message written on the chalkboard: “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” 

Goshen Historical Society remembers WWII veterans

The newly active Goshen Historical Society is extremely proud of the town’s past. Earlier this month, it remembered the experiences of the town’s inhabitants during World War II and called to mind those Vermonters who served in the war at a May 7 event at … (read more)

RNESU learning COVID lessons

BRANDON — During the COVID-19 pandemic, youngsters have seen the brightness of their childhoods darkened by the specter of disease, uncertainty and the real-time fissuring of a society in which many have been taught to trust implicitly. New Rutland Northe … (read more)

Something extraordinary at Camp Thorpe

There’s nothing extraordinary about kids singing about meatballs as they line up for lunch at summer camp. Nor is there anything extraordinary about swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, or kids decorating their bunks.