Letter to the editor: New Goshen selectboard has accomplished a lot

Regarding the article that ran under the July 6 Addison Independent the headline “Big fuss in tiny Goshen leads to officials’ exodus”:

I have been a Goshen resident for over 30 years. After reading the article, I was struck by the way it fails to reflect the many accomplishments of the new Goshen selectboard. Bill, Tammy and Thomasina have gone above and beyond to enhance our community and have accomplished a lot in a short time. I believe the majority of the townspeople are very happy with the change.

Yes, there is divisiveness, much of which is reflected in the recent article. But those tensions are matched and exceeded with a renewed sense of respect and community in our tiny town: Goshen has come together in a way that I have not seen in my time here since 1986.

In their short time in office, our new town officials have created more open selectboard meetings with respectful dialogue. They have increased participation and the following of Robert’s Rules and have seen a large increase in the numbers of people participating in the civic duties of the town. An official website was created and is chock full of information for residents and visitors alike and also shows support for the small businesses in town. The selectboard truly has the desire to be transparent and fair by being clear with policies and expectations and welcoming citizens to the meeting. Small towns like Goshen rely on the volunteer efforts of citizens, and open and welcoming meetings with a respectful culture have been instrumental in fostering a renewed sense of community in the town.

The roads have seen significant improvement too! Regular maintenance is now scheduled, equipment is being repaired and safety is taking priority. The road-delivery drivers and service workers are noticing and commenting on the improved road conditions too! A few service workers who have been coming up here for many years have noticed and commented; they have never seen the roads look this good.

The town shed and town hall are receiving attention as well, both inside and out, improving the look and pride of the town. Truckloads of debris have recently been removed from the center of town, which have gathered over the past 20 or more years.

Despite the impression the recent Addison Independent article may have given, the town of Goshen is flourishing more than it has in a long time. Any change in leadership will come with growing pains, especially when long-time leaders are replaced with new voices. But it is these new perspectives and energy that is exactly what we need in Goshen. For the first time in 30 years, I feel like I live not just in a town, but a community.

Shari Brown


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