Vt. House overrides Scott’s veto of ‘bottle bill’

By a wide margin, the Vermont House voted on Thursday morning to override Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of H.158, better known as the “bottle bill.”

Letter to the editor: Vermont’s bottle-deposit system should be left alone

Please do not change the bottle deposit system we now have in Vermont. It is working!

Letter to the editor: Bottle bill overdue for update

Pass H.175, the Bottle Bill, and bring Vermont into the 21st century.

Letter to the editor: It’s time for the new Bottle Bill

It’s time for manufacturers and consumers to be held accountable for the waste generated by single serve drinks.

Letter to the editor: More containers must be added to Bottle Bill list

Vermont’s popular Bottle Bill that places a 5-cent redeemable deposit on beer, soda and liquor containers has been very successful at encouraging people to recycle. However, the bill hasn’t been updated in 50 years

Letter to the editor: Don’t mess with the bottle-deposit system

To the Citizens of Vermont and their Legislature: Please do not change the bottle deposit system we now have in Vermont. The bottle deposit system of today is working. The recycling of other bottles is working. Please leave things alone. Adding non-carbon … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Bottle bill due for an update

The Bristol Democratic Committee supports current legislation to modernize our Bottle Bill (H.175). This bill would expand the types of beverage containers that can be accepted for redemption. It would include water bottles, wine bottles and containers fo … (read more)

Sen. Bray floats idea of expanded bottle bill

BRISTOL — Sen. Chris Bray, D-Bristol, wants the topic of recycling to get more discussion and action in the Legislature during the 2020 session that will begin in early January. And one of the vehicles for that discussion could be S.60. A bill that Bray c … (read more)