Letter to the editor: Hiring local help fulfills a need

Usually I’m the kind of person who just goes along and puts up with things. But recently I decided I was going to keep complaining until I got results. Be the squeaky wheel!

Faith Gong: Life with a saint

Erick’s habits don’t impact me directly, nor has he ever tried to impose them upon me, but it’s almost impossible not to feel lazy and gluttonous next to his saintly levels of discipline. 

Climate Matters: Turn off the gas, bring on the magnets

Gas stoves make people sick, why are we still using them?

Editorial: Charter change would make ACSD more responsive to voters

Either of two proposed changes to the Addison Central School District charter would make the district more responsive to voters — a move the board and the public should appreciate.

Ways of Seeing: Community living is a blessing

My husband and I step out for a brisk winter stroll and immediately get drawn into a snowball fight — five energetic kids against three adults, but we three are up to the challenge.

Community forum: Green energy a winning strategy

It’s 2023 and the question is no longer “is climate change here” but “what is Vermont going to do to stop it?”

Editorial: Ilsley Library needs voters’ input

Middlebury area residents should take note of upcoming public information meetings that will review four proposed scenarios for upgraded or new facilities for Middlebury’s Ilsley Library.

Editorial: Gov. Scott’s vision vs. reality

As Gov. Phil Scott delivered his fourth inaugural address last Thursday, the good news is that the state continues to be flush with cash thanks to generous amounts of federal aid.

Letter to the editor: Parents are harmed by gender ideology activism

Montpelier’s new Senator Pro Tempore Phil Baruth has now segued from minor abortion rights to “trans youth who are trying to figure out their identities” rights in early December as can be heard on the Morning Drive radio interview.

Letter to the editor: College must help manage student ‘party houses’

A question, and a challenge for Middlebury College, regarding its purported commitment to community, environment, and “exemplary land stewardship.”

Letter to the editor: Petition seeks to bring ACSD voters back into fold

How connected do you feel with your local school board? Do you know their names? When their meetings are held? What they’ll be voting on next?

Letter to the editor: Conlon reflects on his time on the ACSD board

It was with mixed feelings that I resigned last week from the Addison Central School District board.

Letter to the editor: Teachers should get sabbatical

I was disappointed to read about Superintendent Burrow’s denial of Michelle Steele’s sabbatical request.

Letter to the editor: Being a vegan helps everyone

If every human was a vegan (eating no animal products) for just one day every week, it would make a positive change.

Letter to the editor: State’s pension plans in peril

As Legislators search for monies to fund their priorities this coming session, they may do well to re-examine the teachers and state employees pension plans.