Letter to the editor: County legislative team endorses Becca Balint

We write to express our strong support for Becca Balint for Congress. We have personal experience working with Becca in the Legislature; we have seen her listen to multiple viewpoints to understand, collaborate with others to move legislation forward, and tackle tough issues head on. Becca leads with courage, kindness, and authenticity, and she cares deeply for the people of Vermont.

Nearly 70 current legislators and 25 former legislators from across the state have endorsed Becca for Congress, which is telling. She is the only candidate with proven experience as a leader and in getting legislation passed. She has done real work to address issues such as housing, gun safety, paid family leave, women’s reproductive rights, economic development, and climate change, among many others. Becca was elected unanimously to be the first woman Pro Tem of the Vermont Senate. The other Senators voted for her not because they agreed with her on all things, but because they knew she would listen to them and be fair. Becca knows how to reach across the aisle and work with others.

We hope you will join us in voting for Becca Balint for Congress in the Primary Election on August 9.

Rep. Robin Scheu, Addison – 1; Rep. Amy Sheldon Addison – 1; Rep. Peter Conlon, Addison – 2; Rep. Matt Birong, Addison – 3; Rep. Diane Lanpher, Addison – 3; Rep. Mari Cordes, Addison – 4; Rep. Caleb Elder, Addison – 4; Senator Chris Bray, Addison District; Senator Ruth Hardy, Addison District

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