Two advance in uncontested races

Voters in two local Vermont House districts had only one name on their ballot, and in both cases those candidates — unsurprisingly — won.

Rep. Conlon retains his Addison-2 House seat

Incumbent Rep. Peter Conlon has won the Democratic primary for the Addison-2 Vermont House district after ballots were counted on Tuesday.

Letter: Conlon has shown he deserves our vote

You learn a lot about a guy when you play hockey with him for 20 years. Here’s what I’ve learned about my friend Peter Conlon. He’s a steady defender, he scores when the opportunity’s there, and he’s a locker-room leader, managing our Friday Night Hockey … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Conlon has earned trust

I trust Peter Conlon. I know him to be a person of integrity and concern for others in his personal, professional and political lives.

Letter to the editor: County legislative team endorses Becca Balint

We have personal experience working with Becca in the Legislature; we have seen her listen to multiple viewpoints to understand, collaborate with others to move legislation forward, and tackle tough issues head on.

Letter to the editor: Addison-2 constituents well-served by Conlon

A native Vermonter and lifelong public servant, Peter knows and cares deeply about the lives and concerns of his constituents.

Letter to the editor: Copland Hanzas earns support

We support Sarah Copland Hanzas for Secretary of State because of her values, her integrity, and her hard work to support democratic principles and the environment.

Two Democrats compete for Addison-2 House seat

Ripton Democrat Wendy Harlin and Rep. Peter Conlon, D-Cornwall, will square off in an Aug. 9 primary election to represent the Addison-2 district in the Vermont House for a two-year term.

Peter Conlon touts six years on education panel

While Ripton’s Mac Cox mounted a write-in campaign for Addison-2 during the 2020 election, Rep. Peter Conlon this year faces his first formal opponent, and it comes from his own party.

Letter to the editor: Conlon has proven to be a solid ally

I write to endorse Rep. Peter Conlon for another term for the Vermont House representing Cornwall, Goshen, Leicester, Ripton and Salisbury.

Letter to the editor: Kimbell touted for lieutenant governor

The Vermont primary season is under way, and it’s shaping up to be a doozy.

Letter to the editor: Cullinane, McGlashan best choices in tough times

In the two contested races for the Addison Central School District board, there are two candidates with a demonstrated commitment to this unified school district as a place where all students receive a quality, equitable education.

Letter to the editor: Editorial off base on Act 46

Act 46 hasn’t caused discussions about closing schools. Enrollment declines, per-pupil spending increases and concerns about equity of opportunity have.

In education, what does ‘local control’ mean?

Editor’s note: This is the seventh in a series about the growing pains of Addison County schools in 1965-66 and the Vermont Commissioner of Education’s ambitious plan to address them. Read the entire series here.ADDISON COUNTY — Upon completion of a recen … (read more)

Hescock, Noble, Conlon win seats on ASCD board

MIDDLEBURY — Addison Central School District voters went to the polls on Tuesday to elect three new board members and return an incumbent to office. In one of two contested ACSD board elections, incumbent board member (and former Chairman) Peter Conlon to … (read more)