Letter to the editor: Thomas and Delia-Lôbo are collaborative and wise

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish more people would be engaged with our town politics and leadership?” We know we have, and we were thrilled to learn that not only was Esther Thomas running for re-election to the Middlebury selectboard after her one-year term, but Matt Delia-Lôbo was also running to be on the board!

We appreciate that Esther cares deeply about people and our community. She is a careful and thoughtful listener who works to ensure that various perspectives are heard, honored and considered. She is also highly collaborative. She is an effective and supportive leader who looks to bring everyone along. Greatest of all, we appreciate Esther’s energy and ability to keep momentum and joy in long endeavors.

Since Matt opened a fabulous coffee shop with his partner, we have appreciated his caring and welcoming nature, and his ability to make things happen while inspiring others to be the best that they can be. Matt’s leadership is grounded in a strong moral compass, yet flexible when working with others and helping a team toward a common goal. He has both a lovely ability to help others shine, and a gentle way of holding others accountable to complete their work.

We will be thrilled to vote for Esther Thomas and Matt Delia-Lôbo for Middlebury selectboard, and we invite you to give them your most serious consideration.

Kerri and Jason Duquette-Hoffman


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