Officiating a wedding: A Justice of the Peace’s words

As a new justice of the peace Carolyn Kuebler was more nervous than the couple she was marrying.

Officiating a wedding: The Reverend Elliott Munn

The Rev. Elliott Munn is pastor of Vergennes Congregational Church UCC.

Officiating a wedding: Father Luke Austin

Father Luke Austin is pastor of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (commonly known as St. Mary’s) in Middlebury.

Wedding ceremony to be held at Ripton church

RIPTON — At the Ripton Church on Saturday, Oct. 10, at 3 p.m., Nathaniel Victor Salzman, great-grandson of the late Rabbi Victor Reichert, Rabbi-in-residence at the Ripton Church for decades and closest friend of the poet Robert Frost, will marry Samantha … (read more)

Wedding: Brittany & Ryan

Brittany and Ryan’s lives have been aligned almost their whole lives. Their initial meeting would date back to Evergreen preschool in Vergennes. They then reconnected at Vergennes Union High for middle and high school. Brittany went off to Castleton Unive … (read more)

Wedding: Lillian & Brian

Lilian and Brian’s story is one of patience, faith and hope. They met at Two Brother’s Tavern back in 2014, where Brian was working at the time. Seemingly innocently, Brian was fixing his tie one night when Lilian asked if he would teach her how to tie a … (read more)

Wedding: Victoria & Rachel

When Vickey and Rachel first met back in 2009, neither had dated another female before. They were introduced through mutual friends and initially just really enjoyed talking and spending time together. Soon enough, though, it was clear there was something … (read more)

Wedding: Courtney & George

Courtney and George had been dating for eight years and were out to celebrate at Fire & Ice for dinner. They ordered drinks and exchanged cards. In no particular rush, Courtney pushed hers aside to first examine the menu, but George insisted she open it r … (read more)

Wedding: Alicia & Brad

Though neither had high hopes for the platform, Brad and Alicia had initially met online. They started off tentatively, just talking for well over a month before they finally agreed to meet in person. But then their relationship blossomed and they slowly … (read more)

Wedding: Ashlie & Ethan

One might think Ashlie and Ethan’s wedding story was stolen right out of a fairy tale written about Addison County. The couple started out as high school sweethearts at MUHS in 2013. They stayed locally and now live together on a farm in Addison. On a Sat … (read more)

Wedding: Annie & Otto

Annie and Otto share a passion for traveling and find any window to explore the world that they can. In November 2018, they were in Colombia for a hiking trip in one of the country’s national parks. The pair had been together for several years and had ope … (read more)

Wedding: Chelsea & Gabriel Hatch

Chelsea is a native of Salisbury, but now lives just over the eastern border, in North Haverhill, New Hampshire. It was there that she met Gabriel. After being initially introduced online, the couple’s first date was at the Walmart in Lebanon. It must hav … (read more)