Exhibit offers look at Ottoman photographs

Before the Middlebury College Museum of Art installs its newest exhibition, titled, “The Light of the Levant: Early Photography and the Late Ottoman Empire,” the room it’s housed in first had to receive what Museum Designer Ken Pohlman said would be roughly a 200th new coat of paint. 

Hackers strike Middlebury College

The most recent incident came to light in June, when it was widely reported that hackers (likely in Russia) had broken into systems using the MOVEit transfer software and stolen data from widely dispersed computers.

Being a volunteer first responder is in their blood

In Sprague Huntington’s family of four, there’s a 75% chance you’ll come across an Emergency Medical Technician.

Some flooding losses are attributed to small rivers

Although Otter Creek has been the center of attention for preparing for high waters in Middlebury throughout this soggy summer, the bout of Aug. 4 flash flooding that wreaked havoc on Addison County was primarily the fault of small rivers that crept, and … (read more)

Review: Margolis captures simple moments in poetry

As the title implies, the featured collection gives readers Margolis’s understanding of what it means to be happy. However, by no means should this indicate that every single poem will bring a smile to your face.

Students age 65-plus learn new languages at Midd

This summer, Joan Johnson found herself studying for academic courses for the first time since she graduated from Cornell University in 1965.

WomenSafe to host burlesque fundraiser

Although “WomenSafe” and “burlesque” may read as an oxymoron at first, the Middlebury organization, which advocates for and supports victims of domestic abuse, is leveraging the recently reclaimed artform during a fundraising event this Friday evening.

Fancy fried foods featured at Field Days

Tammy Shattuck introduced Field Days fairgoers to her fried pies at her treat’s debut at the event. Cassandra Wagner was selling fried cheese curds with just one more Field Days under her belt than Shattuck.

Artist paints natural landscape creeping up side of a silo

The Middlebury College Recycling Center silo is getting a new look that could be an example for other abandoned farm storage structures in Vermont.

Demo Derby is a friends and family affair

After motor enthusiasts waited an extra day for the popular Demolition Derby at Field Days, Moriah Sullivan Hebert opened by singing the National Anthem then got in her car and drove.

4-H kids borrow cows so they can show at the fair

For the second year in a row, Jonathan Chamberlin’s daughter, Paige, 9, was able to show animals at the Addison County Field Days Fair through the same 4-H lease program that he participated in as a child. 

Middlebury College opens school in Taiwan

Three and a half years after Middlebury College abandoned in-person Mandarin Chinese language instruction in China due to COVID-19, the college is preparing again to educate language students in a place where Chinese is spoken by natives. 

Niche club at fair unites button enthusiasts across Vermont

On Tuesday, Verd Mont Button Club member Sheri Ross, 73, enthusiastically showed off a collection of small, big and beautiful buttons displayed on pillows that the Verd Mont Button Club stand in the Home and Garden Barn at this year’s Addison County Fair … (read more)

Businesses band together for flood relief

Within Sparrow Art Supply’s perch above the Otter Creek in downtown Middlebury, a strand of homemade postcards is hung above a small table set up with their blank counterparts, colored pencils and pens for the store’s flood relief fundraiser, Love From Yo … (read more)

Abortion access continues to decline in the U.S.

Middlebury College Economics Professor Caitlin Knowles Myers is applying economic statistical modeling techniques to data on abortion access in order to calculate how the number of people who want to get an abortion, but who can’t, has changed since the r … (read more)