Letter to the editor: SOS group won’t file lawsuit

First and foremost, we want to thank the ACSD board for a robust discussion at the Feb. 13 board meeting that ended in an affirmative vote to amend the district Articles of Agreement to include a district-wide vote on proposed school closures.

Save Our Schools could sue ACSD board

Some Addison Central School District board members said they hoped Monday’s charter change imposing the extra hurdle of a districtwide vote for school closures had finally settled a local-control issue that’s been debated for at least four years.

Letter to the editor: Save Our Schools group shares educational values

Over the last few years, many of us have strived to provide the students of the Addison Central School District (ACSD) with a strong education.

Editorial: Charter change would make ACSD more responsive to voters

Either of two proposed changes to the Addison Central School District charter would make the district more responsive to voters — a move the board and the public should appreciate.

Letter to the editor: School district merger fans, foes share same goals

While we may disagree on solutions, we acknowledge our school districts face many difficult problems that are not easy to fix. 

Letter to the editor: Trust voters on school closures

We believe our organization shares a vision with the ACSD board to embrace a single educational community that is stronger together.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD-ANWSD merger would be detrimental

Despite the Starksboro Save our School committee’s publication of our analysis that the likely tax increase was closer to 3%, the damage had been done.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD voters asked to support Starksboro’s exit

I am writing on behalf of the Starksboro Save Our Schools Committee to ask you to vote yes on Aug. 9, to ratify Starksboro’s withdrawal from MAUSD.

Starksboro pursues exit from MAUSD

Another Mount Abraham Unified School District community has officially launched a campaign to withdraw from the district.

MAUSD towns ratify Lincoln’s withdrawal vote

Members of Save Community Schools are celebrating after an overwhelming affirmation Tuesday of their proposal to withdraw Lincoln from the Mount Abraham Unified School District.

MAUSD towns to vote on Lincoln exit plan

After a six-month wait, the Lincoln voters who overwhelmingly approved a proposal to withdraw from the Mount Abraham Unified School District are approaching the next hurdle in the process: ratification by the other four MAUSD towns.

Letter to the editor: Let’s solve our educational problems together

Many of us have wondered why the Mt. Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) would be considering closing elementary schools, and MAUSD would support consolidating middle and high schools with Addison Northwest (the Vergennes area) and becoming one large … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Pay attention to the needs at BES and all local schools

Save Community Schools supports the staff, students and families of Bristol Elementary School.

Letter to the editor: Lincoln seeks help from voters

We believe that the Lincoln Community School is the heart of our small rural town and the best beginning for our local children and families. On Aug. 24, by a three to one margin, Lincoln overwhelmingly voted in favor of withdrawing LCS from the Mount Abr … (read more)

Four towns to weigh in on ACSD petitions

CORNWALL — Four of the Addison Central School District’s seven communities will hold March 3 votes on two petitioned referenda that the ACSD board declined to warn on its Town Meeting Day ballot. The questions ask residents if they want more of a say in t … (read more)