Letter to the editor: Lincoln seeks help from voters

We believe that the Lincoln Community School is the heart of our small rural town and the best beginning for our local children and families. On Aug. 24, by a three to one margin, Lincoln overwhelmingly voted in favor of withdrawing LCS from the Mount Abraham Unified School District to ensure our school remains a vital community and educational hub.

We respectfully ask for your support to allow Lincoln to continue our democratic efforts to withdraw from the district by participating in the upcoming vote (date to be announced). A thriving Lincoln Community School is good for Lincoln and a thriving Lincoln is good for our surrounding towns. A vote in support of Lincoln’s ability to have a vibrant local community school is a vote in favor of prioritizing and preserving the educational success of small community schools. Educational research and our experience validate that our small school provides a valuable foundation, and each of the five towns can aspire to this for the social, emotional and educational beginnings for our children.

Our vision is that Lincoln Community School students may continue their education at Mount Abe for grades 7-12, joining their peers for academics, sports, theater and the many other aspects of school life and culture for both students and families. They will be able to do so from the solid foundation of their elementary school education at their local community elementary school.

Financially, our analysis of budget projections made by the MAUSD business office indicates a very small change in tax rates for the remaining towns if Lincoln leaves the district — up or down depending on a range of factors that neither we nor the district can fully predict.

A vote in support of Lincoln’s withdrawal is a vote in favor of small community schools, local control and thriving towns.

Lincoln residents and members of Save Community Schools

James Warnock, Jeanne Albert, Erin Warnock, Karen Lueders, Andrew Furtsch, Coco Moseley, Su White, Mary Gemignani, Christie Sumner, Sarah McClain, Mary Beth Childs, Bill Jesdale, Nathan Richardson, Sadie Brightman, Wendy McIntosh, Keely Henderson and Tristan Mayshark

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