Letter to the editor: Pay attention to the needs at BES and all local schools

Editor’s note: Save Community Schools is a group based in Lincoln.

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Save Community Schools supports the staff, students and families of Bristol Elementary School. Providing the help and resources needed to create and sustain a safe learning and teaching environment is something that must be heard by the board and administration and addressed in a timely manner. Teachers’ and families’ concerns for the social and emotional well-being and academic recovery of students is paramount to investments in building infrastructure.

To that end, ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) recovery funds should be used as a worthwhile and reasonable expenditure in addressing students’ and teachers’ direct needs in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We believe that as a 5-town community, we all aspire to healthy and vibrant community schools, in each of our towns. We believe that success is gained by listening to teachers, staff and principals in those schools, and the issues and needs articulated by those professionals. Strong and healthy ties among communities, school board members, local community schools, and the administration enables us all to cohesively and collaboratively serve the academic, social and emotional needs and development of our 5-town students.

We extend our heartfelt support to the efforts and concerns raised by the staff, students and families of Bristol Elementary School.


Save Community Schools

James Warnock, Jeanne Albert, Erin Warnock, Karen Lueders, Andrew Furtsch, Coco Moseley, Su White, Mary Gemignani and Christie Sumner

And also Sarah McClain, Mary Beth Childs, Bill Jesdale, Nathan Richardson, Sadie Brightman, Wendy McIntosh, Keely Henderson and Tristan Mayshark

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