Letter to the editor: Teachers really are our heroes

All that is right with Bristol elementary school…

Letter to the editor: MAUSD board has to listen

My heart breaks for everyone in our district: students, staff, parents, administrators and board. How did we get here?

MAUSD board turns away distraught parent

Mount Abraham Unified School District Board chair Dawn Griswold refused to convene an executive session Monday night to hear testimony from a distraught parent who alleges her child was sexually harassed at Bristol Elementary School.

MAUSD responds to crisis in Bristol

School board members, staff, parents and community members were looking for answers when the MAUSD board convened a special meeting this past Thursday, Oct. 21.

Letter to the editor: Pay attention to the needs at BES and all local schools

Save Community Schools supports the staff, students and families of Bristol Elementary School.

Community forum: BES problems merit drastic action

That one incident is merely a culminating example of policy and communication issues and utter ineptness that have plagued our district for several years.

Ways of seeing: Student discipline has been in flux

When my daughter started at Bristol Elementary I realized things have changed a lot since I went to school there. 

Letter to the editor: BES problems predate COVID

I was a classroom teacher at Robinson Elementary School in Starksboro from 1999 until this past June.

Bristol parent speaks out about BES

When Kelly Hedley, a parent in the Mount Abraham Unified School District, spoke at last week’s school board meeting in the high school cafeteria, she stood alone.

School boards walk a fine line at meetings

School boards face a number of challenges when they need to communicate or hear testimony about issues that might involve individual students or employees.

Editorial: Schools make a plea for support, patience & understanding

Vermont residents wouldn’t be wrong to look at the state of our schools today and surmise they are in crisis.

Letter to the editor: BES cuts led to current unrest

Recent events at Bristol Elementary School have caused me to be very concerned about the school that my 9-year-old grandson attends.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD’s coaching system is failing children

I was a classroom teacher at Bristol Elementary School from 1996-2018. I am deeply saddened to hear about the recent events at the school. I am also, unfortunately, not surprised.

Letter to the editor: Schools need different governing structure

As a former special education teacher, I was dismayed, saddened and angry as I listened to teachers at the Oct. 12 Mount Abraham Union School District school board meeting.

Letter to the editor: Parents must get involved in schools

Today I saw that a local town has elementary students who terrorize the classrooms, including the teachers, and get away with it. Huh? You are kidding me, right?